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06-13-06, 03:15 pm
As everyone knows, i have Oko and Lola but i was searching for a boar for Oko and found Hamilton . So here are some pics of him with Oko:




More pics will come soon!http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y185/sweetjay6891/

06-14-06, 08:29 pm
What cute pics! Where did you get those adorable little bandanas that are around their necks from?

06-15-06, 11:24 am
What adorable, contented-looking piggies!

06-15-06, 01:29 pm
Carly, please forgive my forgetfulness were Lola and Oko spearate because they are male and female and now you are getting them buddies?
The pigs are darling.

06-16-06, 12:56 pm
Oko and Lola are completly separated. Oko (the silver agouti) is buddies with Hamilton(the pictures above). With Lola, i have tried to get a new friend for her but she will not accept anyone. She extremly dominet and loves to attack. I rescued her with another guinea pig which i named Malu, but she died of malnurition. She was super skinny and weak that i had to take her to get euthinized only 2 hours since i got her.Long story. Anyways, ever since then(this happend 6 monthes ago) She will not accept any other female. She seems happy, and its still taking time for her to trust humans, but she got alot better. She seems happy, and plays with me happily, so im not sure what to do but, oh gosh, im completly off topic. i do that alot!

Anyways, yes there separated! Hhehehe:cheerful: