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06-11-06, 03:20 pm
Hi All,

I don't yet have any cavies yet, as I want to make sure that we have the right cage etc for them before we rescue/buy :)

My husband and I kept rats for years, having 33 at one point (10 rescues needed homes last minute) but when I fell pregnant with our daughter we decided that I can't cope with that many and over the last two years their numbers have fallen to 0 :weepy: I miss having them, but it was the right decision. There is now a rodent shaped void in our lives. So I'm selling all the aviaries, and cages, and hoping to get two little cavies. We'd still like to keep rats, but I'd like a little longer than 2/3 years with a pet and I'm sure we'll get a pair of cavies that'll give us that :)

Hopefully you'll accept me on these boards even though we don't have our cavies yet!

Oh, does anyone know if there are any Scottish Cavy rescues that do a train similar to the 'rat train' idea, where rescues can get from where-ever they are to someone that wants them (via intermediaries). As neither of us drive (yet!) so getting to rescue centres is hard.

Take Care,

My Baby Mu
06-11-06, 04:18 pm
Welcome to the forum.

I don't yet have any cavies yet, as I want to make sure that we have the right cage etc for them before we rescue/buy

Please adopt a guinea pig rather then buy one. This forum is Anti-petstore and Pro-rescue.

Hopefully you'll accept me on these boards even though we don't have our cavies yet!

I am glad you are reserching guinea pigs, rather then going out and getting one without knowing a thing.

06-11-06, 05:17 pm
I would rather adopt, however if I can't get to a rescue centre, and the rescue centre can get the cavies to us. Then we'll either have to get them from an ad in vet, or similar, (I don't do pet shops), or not consider them at all. Often our vet has 'accidental' litters on its board for rodents, as their owners haven't been sensible enough to check the sex of their animal themselves (relying on pet shops to sex them), and have ended up with a litter.

One thing that's I don't like is how often people 'rescue' rats from pet shops and bad breeders - I wouldn't do that with any pet. I just don't go in the shop - so I can't be tempted! Its such a mass market that the rodent will only be replaced by one that equally needs a home.

I've kept rabbits in the past, and we did consider getting them again (we had our bunnies for almost 12 years Netherland Dwarfs) - but hopefully we feel that cavies are right (I love their little squeaks and purrs!)

Pinny Gigs
06-12-06, 01:17 pm
Welcome to the forum, I think that takes or Scottish members to around 5 but I can't be sure!

As for rescues the one that comes to mind is Thistle Cavy Rescue, they are based in Perth and Wendy is really nice. Last time I heard she only had males but I'm sure that changes all the time!

www.thistlcavies.tripod.com (http://www.thistlcavies.tripod.com) should take you to it.

Hope this helps

06-12-06, 01:52 pm
Welcome to another Scot! Great to have you on board! If Pinny's link sticks, try this: http://thistlecavies.tripod.com/
They recently have very recently rescued a huge number of guinea pigs from a breeder - so they will be looking for new homes- though they are not in a good state - so maybe not right away. Though there may well be one or two looking for a home sooner. Either way, I'm sure they'd be glad to hear from you! Livingston isn't too far from Perth. Sorry I can't help with the train (wrong direction - I'm in the SW!) Maybe the folks at Thistle Cavies can help more?

Here is a link to the thread on this forum about the rescued piggies: http://www.cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17434

Fire Cracker
06-12-06, 03:05 pm
Welcome to the form! I am glad that you are only considering adoption, that is great! I am sure you will learn all you need to know here.

06-13-06, 05:46 am
Woohoo! Another UKer. I wish someone else from Northern Ireland would join. All you Scots, and the English, but I'm the only active Irish (Well, English in Ireland)! Oh well.

Welcome to the forum!

Thistle Cavies is the Scottish rescue which immediately springs to mind, as suggested before. I'm sure they would be willing to discuss transporting a couple of pigs to you if you aren't close by.