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06-11-06, 01:30 pm
I would love to have a theme in my piggies new cage that I'm going to make this summer, but I can't think of any ideas. So far I have one dark green fleece blanket, and the next time I go to the store I'm getting another one. I'm not sure what color of coraplast I'm getting though. I might get red or yellow or light blue.
I'm having a brain lock as far as a theme that's uni-sex, since I have a boy and three girls. Dexter won't mind looking girly since he's been living on lime green towels and pink fleece but I do mind.lol

06-11-06, 01:47 pm
My theme is all in a pretty aqua with white Coroplast. I even found this great ceramic bowl at Target that is chocolate on the outside and Aqua on the inside. It is very summery, though the aqua fleece was a little pricey. Their ramp is a cut place mat that is textured. It is in stripes of white, aqua, chocolate and orange. Even Maisey's teddy is in aqua.

06-11-06, 02:08 pm
It is in stripes of white, aqua, chocolate and orange. Even Maisey's teddy is in aqua.
Ohhhh, I love that color combo! Turquoise and brown has been big for me this year.

Dexter, what sorts of things are you into? What else is in the room? With dark green you could go all sorts of directions - a nature theme like hiking, an ocean or tropical theme, a meadow theme...

06-11-06, 03:08 pm
I have a camping theme that has worked out pretty well, an ocean theme was another one of my ideas. I think that would be really fun.

06-12-06, 09:34 am
The room their cage is in has that 80's wood siding thing going on. Bright colors would probably be good because it's kind of dark.
I'm thinking maybe bright pink and green, because the pink shows off all their colors to an advantage, and the green is just awsome.lol I hope the sign store has turquiose choraplast.....