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06-11-06, 10:25 am
I'm trying to get Sanchez to use the litter pan. No luck thus far. I've been putting all his poops in it at the end of the night. taking paper bags hes peed on and ripping them up and placing them in the pan. Hmmmm??? What am I doing wrong? He goes and checks it out every so often but thats it. Also I put the pan where I found the most poops in his cage, the far left corner.


06-11-06, 10:27 am
Not all pigs can be litter trained, it really depends on the pig. I would just keep doing what you're doing, it sounds good. You might want to put the litter box near his food, that's where they go the most.

06-11-06, 12:37 pm
Even if you get him to pee in the litter box he will still poo around the cage.

06-11-06, 12:57 pm
Is the litterbox covered? Or does it have a house in it? My girls won't use a litterbox unless there is something to hide in, in it. If it's in the corner you could cover a grid with paper and attach it to the corner grids using zip ties. He probably will decide to use it then because he feels safe in it.

My Baby Mu
06-11-06, 05:43 pm
Some pigs will not learn to be potty trained. They don't understand, and you shouldn't feel disapointed.

06-11-06, 07:09 pm
My litter pan is under the hay rack.

06-12-06, 09:31 am
Hmm...no progress yet.

06-12-06, 09:58 am
I support Dexter in the notion that he'll use it more if he feels safe in there, and it's covered - and best of all, like jdomans says, put his hay-rack directly above it, so that he spends more time in there munching - and therefore pooping!

My Mary and Marble have actually started bickering over who's going to snooze in the upstairs litter tray! I made it from a basin, lined with newspaper and carefresh, used a cube for the hayrack, and covered the top with fake fur. It's one of their favorite haunts!