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06-11-06, 09:13 am
:weepy: I noticed late yesterday that Mama wasn't acting like herself. When I went down last night (late veggie supper), she didn't come out of the pigloo like normal to be carried (yes, she was spoiled) to the 2nd level kitchen area for veggie time. When I got her, I noticed a runny nose. Off to quarantine she went. Unfortunately it was 9pm and Hannah was in bed, hubby was gone and the ER vet is 2hrs away. I was going to take her today but my son woke me up at 6am to tell me she had past.

This is so hard. I love all my girls but I favored her. She was one that would come up to the cage to beg for treats. She was the one that would give me kisses. She was the one that lost a baby a week and a half after I adopted her. She was my baby! I miss her so much but I'm grateful that she's not suffering. I called my friend, Jeni, who has Lola buried in her yard and we're going to bury her next to Lola tomorrow. (It's raining today.)

I hate that this happened and don't understand why. They haven't been outside. I haven't added to my herd since December. They haven't been exposed to any other animals. And no ones been sick for awhile here. She was one of the original trio. I adopted her 7/23/05.

I'm not adding anymore. I have six now and that's it. As much as I love my girls and want more, I can't do it. It hurts too bad.

Here's a few pics to remember her by:

Sweet Mama Snowbelle (RIP: 7/23/05 to 6/11/06)
http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls/Mama/Mama106.jpg (http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls/Mama/?)

http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls/Mama/morepiggiepics002.jpg (http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls/Mama/?)

My first picture of the original trio (Snickers, Angel & Mama). This is the petfinder picture of them.:

http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls/piggies2.jpg (http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls/?)

And this is one of the 1st picture I took of the girls: (Angel, Mama & Snickers):
http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls/All3girls2.jpg (http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls/?)

06-11-06, 09:22 am
No way! My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw the title. I can't believe she went downhill so fast.

I am so sorry Jenn. She was so beautiful. How old was she?

Thinking of you.

06-11-06, 09:24 am
Thanks CCC! I'm thinking she was around 1- 1 1/2 years old. Not very. And yeah, it shocked the crap out of me on how quickly she went down hill. I'm still in shock. Like I said, she was MY baby! And she will be missed very much. My kids are doing ok but I think I'm taking it harder with her. I'm just glad she didn't suffer too much. I was planning on getting her to the ER vet today but....

06-11-06, 10:04 am
Jenn I am so sorry for you and your family. I know you loved Mama the most and that is making this even worse for you. Know in you heart that she knew you loved her and was a great mom and caregiver to her. The good thing was she did not suffer and went peacefully, the way all of us pray our loved ones go. She is with Lola now, running in the fields, sun shining brightly, keeping one another company forever.

I want you to think about something, for at least today . . .I know you are in shock and the pain of losing your baby is very hard. You will make it through this, just like you did after losing Lola. Think about the good times you had with your girls and all the loving and lasting memories that you created with them being in your life and in your heart. All of that would NEVER have been possible if you had not allowed yourself to take the girls into your home and given them the chance to become part of your family. Even though our animals do not have a long life expendancy as for say a human, the impact they leave on us stays with us forever. Don't close down and allow that love to end. Your heart is big and many little furry ones are waiting for a place like yours to call home. (((((hugs)))))

06-11-06, 10:14 am
I'm so sorry, my heart sank when I saw the title. I'm shocked, I know how much you loved her, you'd always talk about her like she was your baby. I know you miss her so muchm but you gave her such a great life. You took care of her when she had her baby, and I know she felt better when you cheered her up after losing her. She knows just how much you loved her. This reminds me of a quote I read by a four year old, "Animals already know hoe to be nice and love everybody, so that's why they don't have to stay here so long." Stay strong Jenn, we're all here for ya.

06-11-06, 10:22 am
I am sooooo very...... sorry. :weepy:
Hugs to you Jenn.

My thoughts are certainly with you.
Wish to heavens there were more I could do than just type words on this screen for you. Please *DO* know that my thoughts are with you.

Gentle Hugs,

06-11-06, 10:27 am
I'm so very sorry Jenn. Know that I am here PHB if you need me.

06-11-06, 10:56 am
I'm sorry Jenn. It almost sounds like a heart condition. Something you may never know is a problem until it's too late. Our friends are so good at hiding their symptoms that sometimes we can't help but blame ourselves when they unexpectedly pass.

Don't make yourself feel worse then you already feel. Since she passed so quickly after the onset of symptoms I'm sure the vet would not have been able to do anything to help.

Hugs to you and I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

06-11-06, 11:31 am
You've really been through the wringer with your pigs lately. I'm so sorry, Jenn. She was a lovely pig.

06-11-06, 11:39 am
Sorry to hear of your loss. Take care.

06-11-06, 11:50 am
Oh goodness Jenn. I am so sorry. I know how close you were to her. She was a lovely pig. Great big hugs from me and the boys. :hug: If you need to talk I'm here.

06-11-06, 11:54 am
Thanks everyone! It's been really hard to go downstairs. Her body is still down there wrapped in a real pretty towel. I wish it weren't raining. :( I think the other girls notice that she's not there. They seem to be quieter today. I just can't believe how quickly she went. She was fine Friday night and Saturday she just had the runny nose but she was eating fine and acting ok. I just don't understand. My poor baby. I feel alittle lost.

06-11-06, 12:03 pm
Aww, Jenn it will get easier. Maybe spend a few minutes with her to say goodbye, it will help ease the pain. Stay strong.

06-11-06, 12:27 pm
When I read the title of this thread I prayed I would not see your name as the author. I am crying for you right now. I know how much she meant to you. I am so sorry and I will always be here if you need to talk or need a shoulder to cry on.

My Baby Mu
06-11-06, 04:14 pm
I am so sorry Jenn. I saw the title and hoped it wouldn't be you. I know how much she ment to you. She know you loved her a lot and she loved you back. I am here if you need to talk.

06-11-06, 04:30 pm
So sorry for your loss Jen. I've been there too and it hurts like hell. My thoughts are with you.

Sarah x

06-11-06, 04:32 pm
Oh Jenn, I am SO sorry. I know she was one of your original piggies and you loved her so much. RIP little girl. :(

06-11-06, 04:51 pm
I'm sorry Jenn. Mama was one pretty girl and at least she died in a good home with a good "mommy". At least Paulie has another piggy to play with. ::BIG hugs::

06-11-06, 05:01 pm

I'm so sorry to hear about Mama. I just got home from work and this is the first thread that caught my eye. My condolences to you, our family, and the rest of the girls.


06-11-06, 05:56 pm
Thanks for everyone's thoughts. We'll be ok. I'm still in shock and probably will be for awhile. I haven't spent too much time with the other girls today. Just trying to do some mourning about Mama. We'll get back to "normal" or at least the new kind of normal. It'll be strange to count 6 heads instead of 7. I was just getting used to counting 7 from 8 when Lola passed away in March.

06-11-06, 06:15 pm
I am so sorry Jenn. This is really awful news. You've had a really awful couple of months, I'm glad you're holding up okay though.

It's so sad how fast they go downhill, but sometimes it's just their time.

At least Mama and Lola will be together again.

06-11-06, 08:14 pm
Jenn, I thought this would be nice, Mama's very own song.


Where'd you go?
I miss you so
Seems like its been forever that you've been gone
Please Come back home...

..Please come back home

RIP Mama

06-12-06, 12:00 am
Oh how sad Jenn. I feel really bad for you. I understand the pain in your heart. I know what is like to lose a beloved pet suddenly and it is not easy to deal with. It does not seem fair. Hang in there and your family too. Kids tend to cope with death differently than us adults. They still feel the pain, they just express it differently. My best thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and Mama. She is probably with her baby and Lola popcorning. She is also letting Lola know how the others are doing and how you and your family are doing. She can still feel your love.

Percy's Mom
06-12-06, 04:30 am
Oh goodness Jenn! I can't even express the drop in my heart when I saw this thread. Know that we love you as does Mama. I know she'll always have a special place in your heart. If you need anything or just want a shoulder, you know where I am. You have all of my hugs and thoughts.

06-12-06, 04:49 am
Awww I'm so sorry! I had a pigger go like that once, she was a real sweetums and then she just had a mild sick look and was gone in the morning.


06-12-06, 05:50 am
This brought me tears in my eyes. I am so sorry for your loss Jenn.
Rest In Peace Mama.

06-12-06, 07:33 am
Thanks again! I'm going to get to bury her today after work next to Lola. I'll feel better once she's buried. I feel like it's on hold right now. Thanks again.

06-12-06, 08:37 am
I am so so sorry! This post made me cry . I am so sorry for your loss...losing a little angel like that is so painful...I am so sorry.

Sending you support during this difficult time for you.


Texas Cavys
06-12-06, 09:23 am
I am so sorry Jenn. She was a beautiful Cavy.

06-12-06, 11:23 am
The song for Mama just made me cry.
Glad you are able to bury her by Lola. It was important to me when my best dog in the world passed about 5 yrs ago to bury her along side my other two dogs who passed before her in my life.
It still helps me knowing they are together.
I hope it helps you too.

06-12-06, 12:55 pm
That song for Mama made me cry too. It will be nice that Lola and her will be together. Still thinking of you and your family Jenn.

06-12-06, 02:13 pm
I am so sad and in shock. I was looking at some other threads and saw you have changed your 'location' and stopped and said, "No no no!!" So many emotions going on with this group here. I want you to know that my heart is breaking for you.
Mamma take care of our piggies that are with you.


06-12-06, 02:23 pm
I'm so sorry that you lost your sweet piggie so young. It's obvious she was spoiled completely rotten by you, so try to take solace in the fact that she really lived "the pig's life". *hug*

06-12-06, 05:28 pm
Ok, I went to my friend's house where Lola is buried to bury Mama today. My friend wasn't home but her kids were and they helped me get her shovle to dig the hole. (My friend dug the hole before.) I found the brick where they indicate where Lola is and moved one to dig close to her. I was doing well until I caught some of the towel and alittle of Lola's fur from her side of the grave. I about puked!!! I was mortified but just moved over alittle bit. Mama is now resting by Lola's side. It was a very emotional thing but I'm glad she's there with her. I will be buying an angel tomorrow to remember Mama by and place it with the other two that I have. Good bye my sweet Angel! I miss you so much.

06-12-06, 05:52 pm
I'm very sorry to hear that. Rest in peace, Mama.

06-12-06, 05:56 pm
I know that no matter what I say right now, only time will really make this easier for you. Know that we are all here for you if you need to talk. try and remain strong and think positive knowing in your heart that your two girls are together looking down on you and their friends they left behind. She will remain a part of you forever and knows how much you loved her. I am so sorry you had to face another loss (((hugs)))).

p.s. You have such a way with words and I will leave it at that :)

06-12-06, 05:57 pm
Jenn... Heartbreaking to read your post.
I knew if I read it I was going to cry... and sure enough, I am in tears.

I am so sorry for your sadness.

For MaMa and Lola.

06-12-06, 06:23 pm
Thanks again. I'm ok. I just can't believe I did that but they're both at peace. :(

06-12-06, 10:53 pm
Jenn, I am so sorry for your loss. I just saw this thread and my heart just sank. I feel so bad for you. You've made such a difference in the lives of your girls, and Mama and Lola lived out their lives in luxury. Give yourself time and take care of yourself. (Sending a big hug from afar).

06-24-06, 03:58 am
http://www.indigo.org/rainbowbridge_ver2.html there you can see where does your pet go..

06-24-06, 05:59 am
I'm sorry about your loss and I know how you feel about your babies. I don't understand what happend to mine either. She was blessed to have you and you were blessed to have her. I'm sure she had a beautiful life with you and her friends. Again, I'm sorry and I will pray for you and your family.

GadgetGirl the piggie lover

06-24-06, 12:59 pm
Sorry Jenn I'm an idiot I only just read this. I'm so sorry to hear about Mama, I know how much she meant to you. :hug: