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06-11-06, 12:19 am

I dont usually go on bulletin boards because I'm set in my ways, but I havent had much luck finding cavy inthusiests around here. Let me introduce you to my crew:

Guinea- (White with orange spots) Yeah, that's an origional name. She was our first cavy. She's very bossy about her lap-time, and will squeek to no end until she is completely out of her cage to be pet. We had to get her a new tube to chew on because the first one was about 1" wide, and she still kept running through it and laying in it, lol. She highly reccomends them! They're cardboard tubes with flavored paper on the outside, and come in several sizes.

Fuzzy- (White black and brown) We call her that because of all the tufts in her fur. She's very shy, and doesnt like to be handled unless a snack is involved. She's the only cavy that'll tolerate a head rub. I pet her mowhawk all the time.

The Pups:
Teddy- She's mostly brown with a bit of dark brown flecks. She doesn't run away as quickly as the others, but will jump right out of your hand if you arent careful. She loves apples a lot!
Junior- I call her that because she looks just like her mother. She'll pick up a piece of food and eat it in the corner of the cage. It's kind of funny to watch.
Twiggy- She's white and creamy brown. She's just a little smaller than the others, but the fastest of all of them. The vet says that as long as she stays active and has plenty of food to eat she's fine.

Right now, I have a seperate cage for the pups and Guinea & Fuzzy. Guinea & Fuzzy haven't been very hospitible at all, but we're working on it. It amazes me how they all have their own little personalities, preferences, and even demands.

Nice To Meet You All,

06-11-06, 08:00 am
Hello , nice to meet you . Oh they sound so cute , we want pigtures .

Fire Cracker
06-11-06, 10:55 am
Welcome to Cavy Cages! They sound adorable. We would love to see pictures, so post them as soon as possible. I am sure you will learn anything and everything you need to know about your pigs. Read up there is always something new to learn!

06-11-06, 11:01 am
Welcome! I'd love to see pigtures of your piggies, they sound adorable!

My Baby Mu
06-11-06, 04:22 pm
Welcome to the forum. I'd love to see pigtures, too.