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06-10-06, 03:44 pm
Hello! :)
I have been looking at this wonderful site for hours, trying to see any designs I might like. I was wondering what sort of cages you would suggest?

So far, I've been looking for materials. I have 34 14 x 14 grids. I was planning on make more of a pen than a cage. Maybe to connect onto her original cage, but I'm not too sure. I was planning on making it 3 wide, 4 long, and two high (open top, hopefully, unless she plays the escape bunny act) or even bigger depending if I attach her original cage to it. Do you think this will be big enough? She gets plenty of out time too. Or should I buy another box of grids?

I still have to see if I can find coroplast. Or I was thinking of making a box sort of base with a sheet of plywood and some sort of edging on it. Then have some maybe pile and stick lionolium on the bottem to protect the wood.

From her personality, I think she would like more running room then a multi- level cage. She loves to climb the stairs, and does this mostly when she's out, so I'll have to think of some sort of an acessory to have this sort of thing in her cage.

Thanks, and sorry in advance for the long post! :o

06-11-06, 06:54 am
I think the pen idea sounds fine, but you would definitely need to watch for escape attempts. It depends on the rabbit as far as whether they will try to jump over a barrier. I know mine wouldn't, but I'm sure others could jump a few feet with ease.

One other benefit to completely closing it in (besides preventing escape attempts) is that you can add multiple levels which rabbits really enjoy. But it is up to you, and since you said that your rabbit is out running around a lot of the time, I wouldn't worry about making the cage very elaborate.

06-11-06, 10:16 am
How big is the bunny? General rule of thumb is the rabbit should be able to stand upright without hitting its head for the height and hop 2 full times before reaching the end for the length. Of course bigger is always better.

06-11-06, 11:58 am
She's a medium sized lionhead, I haven't weighed her yet so I'm not sure of her weight.
There is going to be enough room for her to stand up fully, espcially if I make it with an open top. It's atleast going to be two squares high, and that's plenty of room for her to stand up and stretch. I was thinking of having the pen idea and with a loft shelf made from coroplast on one side. I still have to play around connecting it, seeing what designs I like best.
I know it's going to be atleast 3sqs by 4 sqs and two sqs high, most likely larger. I'm going to buy another box of 17 grids next weekend, so in total I'll have 51 grids to play around with.

What kind of features does your rabbits like in the cube cages?

06-12-06, 05:01 pm
I made a cage with cubes and then my hubby made me a huge custom cage. My bunnies love their wood hide boxes! Also cat rattles, cant have too many of them. Black and white paper to shred is good to keep a bunny busy, my female will spend hours shredding paper! The size sounds great that you are planning on using. Carpet levels are good option too, but only if your bun is litter trained. I try to offer stations in the cage, feed stations, litter and toy stations. My male rabbit likes his little toy box I made of mini grids. He loves to take everything out after I clean up LOL

06-12-06, 05:39 pm
Hi Spring!

If the cage is going to be against a wall, you could put up a shelf like I did. I bought a long, wide plank of untreated wood and attached it to the wall with regular metal shelf supports. Only problem with this is you can't move the cage around. It works great for me though.

If you do use coroplast for the shelf, you might want to put something non-slip on top of it like grass mats. Or you could use pegboard, since it seems to be working well for a couple people on the other forum.

06-12-06, 06:06 pm
Hello there!

I can't wait to stuff her cage with fun toys.. I think I'll be more excited than her!

The only problem if it's against the wall, she loves to chew walls and stairway banisters.. Carpet is also out because I'm always shooing her little teeth away from pulling up the carpet to nibble on it.

I was thinking for the shelf, to make the base with the grids, then attatch coroplast ontop of it (zip tie it too), then put cardboard ontop of that to add some traction.