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06-09-06, 02:51 pm
Hello Guinea Pig Lovers!!!

I had three guinea pigs named Oreo, PushKin, and Cinnabun or Bunny, and just about a week ago PushKin died:tombstone :sorry:. IM GETTING TWO MORE GUINEA PIGS TOMORROW, SATURDAY, named Abigail and Angel. I'm thinking about changing their names, but I'm not sure. Does anyone have any opinions about if I should change them or not?? I'm willing to take any suggestions!!!:)

06-09-06, 06:15 pm
Congrats on your new additions. Where are you getting your new piggies? I'm assuming all your piggies are girls? I have a girl named Angel and I also like the name Abby.

06-09-06, 06:57 pm
Thanks. I'm getting the new piggies in Waupaca at a humane society and they are all girls. The new guinea pigs look alot like the two on your avatar!!!

My Baby Mu
06-09-06, 07:33 pm
Congrats, can't wait to see them. I don't know on the names, if it fits them keep it, if not change it.

06-09-06, 08:11 pm
Congrats. I can't wait to see pigtures of your new girls. :)

06-09-06, 08:47 pm
These are pictures of the guinea pigs I'm getting tomorrow or Monday. The brownish black one is Abby and the mostly white one is Angel.:)

My Baby Mu
06-09-06, 08:48 pm
Aww, cuties!

06-09-06, 08:50 pm
Aww they are so precious.

06-09-06, 08:51 pm
THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PUT SOMETHING ON A THREAD ABOUT THE FLEECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight I just changed to the fleece and Oreo and Bunny look really cozy.

06-09-06, 08:57 pm
I've only ever used fleece and really like it better. I do have potties (one big one under the hay rack) to catch some poo. The potties have newspaper, aspen and carefresh layered in them. Your girls are cute!

06-10-06, 12:50 am
Welcome to the forum!

I think Abigail fits the tan/white/browny one. You'll know which name suits them both once you get to see their personalities better. Personally I like Finette, Wilfreda and Zara just by looking at "Angel". I tend to fit names to personalities more than anything though.

Like my Charlie is cheeky in looks and temperament (cheeky Charlie just sounds right). Tuppence was named by my grandmother, but wherever it came from it fits her perfectly. Lottie's name is similar to her rescue name (Lolly) and she suited Lottie so much more than Lolly; I didn't want to change it too much in case she knew herself as Lolly. And Jasmine was originally going to be called Florida but her essential nickname Florrie just didn't suit. Jazzie Jasmine for a hyper pig.
Their second names - Parsley, Poppy, Primrose and Peaches (respectively) are all down to temperament and a name theme. Parsley, Poppy and Primrose are all plants/herbs/flowers. Jasmine is too but it is her first, not second, name (no first names which suited her fitted but any other "P" flowers/plants/herbs). Parsley because he loves parsley, Poppy because she popcorned a lot in her youth. Primrose to fit in with the theme!

Anyway I rambled on a bit there. You probably get the idea though after all that.

See you around.

Laura ~ CCC

06-10-06, 08:13 am
Thanks for the advice cavy-cool-crazy! I like Zara for the white one.

06-10-06, 08:17 am
This morning I just checked the piggies' beds and there was about 50 poops under the igloos!!:eek: Although, some of the poops were in the tray and I think they peed in there, too because the fleece isn't that wet.lol

Percy's Mom
06-10-06, 08:20 am
That's one of the beauties of fleece. It wicks any moisture down to the layers under it and the top stays basically pretty dry. Pigs will pretty much still poop anywhere though.

06-10-06, 09:57 am
Guess what everyone!?!? I'm also getting Sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is just so sweet that I can't resist. :lovestrucFor some reason, I can't upload the pictures:sorry: . I'll try later, though. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to keep her name as Sugar.

06-10-06, 10:15 am
Yay! Congrats!! Well done you for taking in three piggies. They will love you for it. Have you a C&C cage ready for them?

06-10-06, 04:56 pm
No, I don't. My mom won't let me get a c&c cage because she says our house is too small. We do have a big wire dog cage that has two levels, so I think we should be okay.
It says that I can't upload the photos because it "exceeds the forum's limit of 97.7 KB for this filetype." Sorry everyone:( .

06-10-06, 07:07 pm
Try uploading them onto www.photobucket.com (http://www.photobucket.com) or www.picturetrail.com (http://www.picturetrail.com) then putting the URL in the image tags in this post.

06-11-06, 07:49 am
I hope this works!!! This should be two pictures of Sugar. I'm getting her today!!!!!:D

06-11-06, 07:56 am
YES!!!!!!! IT WORKED!!!!!!!! This is my precious piggie Sugar and she looks similar to the other baby I have name Cinnabun

06-11-06, 08:19 am
Awww, Sugar is so adorable!

06-11-06, 12:44 pm
Has anyone ever given their guinea pigs hairball medicine? Do you know if it is supposed to make their poops runny? :confused: If not, could you tell me so I know that Oreo isn't sick? THANKS A BUNCH!

My Baby Mu
06-11-06, 03:26 pm
Cute guinea pig.

Hairballs...guinea pigs? If you are worried about your guinea pig, take it to a cavy savvy vet, they are very good about hiding illness.

06-12-06, 08:47 am
I just got Sugar last night. She is the sweetest thing, but I have to say she is pretty fat. She is about 3 years old and she is just so sweet!!!!!! Bunny loves her so much and she thinks Sugar is her mommy. The previous owners bought this half of a log that was like a bridge. She loves to sleep in it at night and Bunny creeped in there with her:). It was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!:D

06-12-06, 01:20 pm
Has anyone ever given their guinea pigs hairball medicine? Do you know if it is supposed to make their poops runny? :confused: If not, could you tell me so I know that Oreo isn't sick? THANKS A BUNCH!

Did you give him any "hairball medicine"?

06-12-06, 02:48 pm
Yes, I gave Oreo the medicine and her poops were runny.

06-12-06, 07:41 pm
How are her poops now? Are they still runny? If they are, stop giving her veggies until they firm up, and give her lots of hay. You need to syringe feed her plain unflavored pedialyte to keep her from getting dehydrated which is a huge risk when having runny poo. Do Not ever give them the hairball medicine again, they do not get hairballs.

06-13-06, 04:15 am
Why would you give your pig hairball medicine?

06-13-06, 06:11 am
I would contact your vet ASAP. It could be a toxic medicine, depending on what you gave her. You need professional advice on this as many medicines are poisonous to piggies.

I think I can kind of see your logic. Was she coughing? Biting herself/ pulling at her hair a bit? Maybe biting her cagemate's hair?
If she was coughing she could be sick, or she may have just been choking a bit on her food which is normal if it's on occasion (what food do you feed her - this could explain).

If she was biting herself a lot and pulling at her hair she may have mites.

If she was biting her cagemates hair she was probably bored or not getting the right nutrition i.e. not enough high quality hay.

I can't remember if you said where you got your pigs from and how long you have had them, so as far as I'm aware any of these are possible.

06-13-06, 07:48 am
My vet is the one who gave us the hairball medication. We thought she might have a hairball because she keeps getting skinnier and the vet said it could be clogging up her system and preventing her from eating.

06-13-06, 03:50 pm
Sounds to me like you need a new vet.

06-13-06, 08:19 pm
Definitely. Find a new vet ASAP.

06-13-06, 08:49 pm
Yes, we need a new vet. He doesn't even clean the table when you take your animal back there!!!! My mom's friend was back in the surgery room and she said she was never going back there because it was so slimey. You should see his fingernails.

06-13-06, 09:22 pm
Are her poops still runny? If so you should take her to the vet with you when you take Sugar. On second thought: how long has Oreo been losing weight? How much has she lost? I would take her with you anyway. Weight loss if really serious.

06-13-06, 10:20 pm
Oreo has already been to the vet for her weight loss. She is being monitored, but she weighs about half of what she did when we got her from the shelter in August 2005. She was probably overweight then and we have kept her very active, but we are looking for a scale to weigh her on so we can monitor her more precisely.