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06-08-06, 10:00 pm
Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself and my Piggers.

My name is Ashley and I am 20 years old. I just accuired 2 male Guineas (brothers) from someone I know about 3 days ago, who's kids lost interest in them. I had Guinea pigs about 8 years ago but I never did the research on them like I am this time around (mabey because I was 12 then :).

The guinea Pigs names are milo and Lewis. Milow is brown and is quite calm. Loves his head scritches, apples and romaine lettuce. Lewis is grey with pink eyes and ears and is definitely the dominant one. He likes to run around trying to escape whatever apparatus I have set up for floor time, occasionally stopping for head scritches and a kiss on the nose. His favorite foods are carrots and whatever he can steal from Milo.

The people I got them from were just going to bring them to our local Humane Society where they would most likely have been euthanized, because they deal mostly with cats and dogs. I really didn't want to see that happen, so I took them right away! MY boyfriend is still a little, well.... I will say "unimpressed" with them being here but I'm sure he will come around.

I will also be building a C&C Cage because right now they are in the cage they came in witch isn't even big enough for one of them let alone 2. It's measurements are 14" x 22" and thats pretty pathetic if you ask me. They get LOTS of floor time right now to make up for the size of cage. I plan on making a simple 2x4 grid cage to start with, or I may order one from C&C Cages off of ebay.

I look forward to hearing all your stories and learning a ton of stuff! Teach me well masters, I am but a sponge waiting to soak up the knowledge of guineas you all posess!

Ok I'm done now. Thanks! Ashley

06-08-06, 10:03 pm
Welcome. Glad to have you aboard. We'd love to see some pictures of your pigs.

06-08-06, 10:11 pm
Welcome to the forum! This place is a great place for information. You'll learn more about guniea pigs than you even thought you could know. At least I did. Your boys will love their C&C cage. And yes, we all LOVE pictures.
(I'm sure your boyfriend will come around. Mine did. ;) )

My Baby Mu
06-08-06, 10:19 pm
Welcome to the forum.

06-09-06, 12:58 am
Welcome, Ashley! Your boyfriend sounds like my husband - who is now spending more time with the munchkin than I do! Good luck with the cage and yes pigtures please! Welcome.

06-09-06, 07:41 am
Welcome Ashley! This is undoubtedly the best forum around for general piggy care.

I'm so glad you are planning on building a C&C. 14" by 22" is shockingly small. That is less than a 2x1 C&C and you will see just how small a 2x1 when you get your cubes.

See you around. :)

06-09-06, 06:24 pm
Welcome to the forum! It's great that you saved them from certain death. Have fun building your cage. And my hubby isn't too thrilled with my 7 girls but he's coming around.

06-10-06, 12:50 am
Welcome aboard!

Are you a student? I'm also 20 and I go to Western, in London.
My boyfriend's allergic to my pigs, and he acted all uninterested at first, but you should hear him talking to them when he thinks I'm not listening!