View Full Version : Help my mail box overfloweth!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-08-06, 04:07 pm
I want to be able to get PM's and e-mails, but I get a notice everytime someone posts to a thread I've posted on. This is clogging my mail. How do I turn that feature off. I went to My Profile and changed it, but I'm still getting them, I mustn't have done it right.

06-08-06, 04:26 pm
You may need to log out and come back in for it to change. You know how soemtimes when you change something on your computer, you must restart it? Try that and see.
another thing you can do is have an email address that is for nothing but this site.

Percy's Mom
06-08-06, 04:27 pm
Read the following directions. It's possible you left out a step.

06-09-06, 08:12 am
You are probably already subscribed to some older threads. Ones you haven't posted in for a while and that have been resurrected recently. I know I switched that feature off for me and I still get the occasional email telling me that an old thread I posted in has been posted in again. It's only ever one or two though; not the the level I had them before.

06-09-06, 08:32 am
Yes, please pay attention to this part of that link:

To UNSUB from EXISTING threads:

Go to "My Profile" from the menu bar at the top.

Choose "List Subscriptions"

That will show you all the threads to which you are currently subscribed (there may be multiple pages).

At the top of the right-hand column, click the check mark to select all threads on the page. At the bottom of the screen, it should say: "Selected Threads:"

Change 'move to folder' to 'delete subscription.'

You may have to do that for each page of threads. That should do it.