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06-08-06, 11:31 am
I thought I posted this last night, but can't find it now. So, sorry if I'm repeating myself!

My cage is a 2x5 with storage on bottom, girls on next level and boys on top level. The boys seem to be much more active during the day, and I think it may be due to the dimmer lighting on the girls level - like twilight all the time.

My idea was to get a flourescent tube light like the ones that go under the cabinet and use cable ties to make sure it is secure against the roof of the girls level and then run the cord with ties above the grid, under the boy's flooring so they can't reach it to chew.

Anyone had this issue with multi-level cages? Am I right in thinking the level of light may be making my girls think it's bedtime all the time? Any thoughts on the lighing idea?


06-08-06, 11:44 am
Pigs are diurnal which means they are active both day and night. Lighting really shouldn't be a factor in how active they are at any time. Maybe your girls are just getting lazy. I am not sure if I'd go with a flourescent tube light, those can get hot and think of your pigs laying under it. Some people have rope lights that they string around.

06-08-06, 11:46 am
I thought of that when I added the second floor to my cage. My husband reminded me that guinea pigs like the dark and are more active at night. Your males may just be more active than your females. Piggy Pooh has access to both levels. He prefers the lower level and the dimmer light than the upstairs.

If you go your route, go to the pet store and put out big bucks for a full spectrum light bulb. They simulate sunlight and give our the rays necessary for animals to thrive. I use them with my lizards. I really don't think you need them with the pigs though. I think they will still be quiet with the light.

06-08-06, 02:28 pm
My girls are just active on and off the whole entire day. But I do have rope lighting in the bottom portion of my cage, if anything so I can see when I'm cleaning it. They're the ones you can buy during Christmas. I'm not sure if you can get them now. Maybe at a Hobby Lobby or someplace like that. They don't get hot like the others may.

06-08-06, 04:00 pm
I was just thinking about that today. I was thinking of fastening tap lights to the ceiling in my girls lower level since the loft completely covers it.

06-13-06, 12:04 am
Well, I went ahead and got some florescent light fixtures for the bottom and middle sections. I did the bottom first and got three 4-watt mini fixtures (at $8 each) from the wal-mart that connect together. To save some $$ I got a 24" 'grow light' fixture for the middle section (less than $10 total)

Since adding the light, the piggies are MUCH more active on the lower levels - I think it makes a real difference. When the original bulbs burn out I'm going to upgrade to the full spectrum light bulbs - wanted to make sure they worked OK before shelling out big $$ on the bulbs...

The guys don't pay them any attention - they don't try to get to them at all, and the fixtures don't seem to heat up the cage at all since they are low wattage florescents.

I figure if they start to mess with them, I can always fold grids in a U shape and fasten as a protectant cage around the fixture.

I'm really glad I gave them a try and I think my pigs are too!

Here's a pic:


06-13-06, 02:29 am
KatieCavy that cage looks great but how do you go about cleaning it? Do you have to dismantle it? I would love to have a second level but I took mine down as it was too difficult to clean underneath.

06-13-06, 08:11 am
I have looongg arms... ha ha.

It's not bad at all - on the front, 3 of the 4 panels open so I can open up almost all the front panels.

I use a small bucket I got at the dollar store to put inside the cage, and then use a litter scoop to scoop all the old litter into the bucket. We scoop urine spots 2x daily.

When it is time for a full bedding change, I scoop all the litter out, using the bucket, then spray down and dry. My arms are long, so I can reach everything but the extreme left side corner, and I use a left over length of PVC pipe to push the paper towel around.

I do agree that the larger cages are MUCH easier to keep clean. The aspen litter is good because it shows up wet very easily so we can keep the wet spots scooped and we have never had any odor at all except for the faint smell of the bedding.