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Res Judicata
06-07-06, 10:49 pm
Hello! I've been looking in on the forum for a while and finally decided to create my own account. I have two sows, both around a year old. Cloudy was a petstore pig I bought before I knew any better and Roxie was a rescue pig we got to be her companion. It was just a few months ago that I switched from a couple of store-bought cages linked together to a C&C cage. They gained a couple of feet or so in space and I have a much easier time cleaning the thing out.

06-08-06, 05:40 am
Welcome to the forum Res!

I'm so glad you have found the wonders of C&C cages. Your girls undoubtedly love you for giving them the extra space. Well done you!

See you around!
Laura ~ CCC

06-08-06, 07:09 am
Welcome to the forum!

Percy's Mom
06-08-06, 08:12 am
Glad you finally register Res! Sounds like you and your pigs are already benefitting from what you have already learned here. We would love to see some pigtures!

Res Judicata
06-08-06, 09:10 am
Here's Roxie

Here's Cloudy

And here's their cage. My son made the shelf over the back of it for Mother's Day.

Percy's Mom
06-08-06, 09:14 am
What a great little setup for your girls, and your son was so thoughtful to build that shelf for you! The plants are a great touch over the cage like that. Cloudy and Roxie are absolutely adorable and very lucky to have such a caring mommy looking after them.

06-08-06, 04:34 pm
That is just fabulous. Welcome to the group and your girls are cuties.

06-08-06, 07:12 pm
That is one gorgeous set up! And your girls are very pretty. I love Cloudy's colorings.

06-08-06, 08:00 pm
You have some gorgeous pigs and what a great shelf over the cage. I'm envious.

My Baby Mu
06-08-06, 08:50 pm
Welcome to the forum. Your piggies are very cute, and I love the cage setup with the shelf!

Res Judicata
06-08-06, 09:04 pm
Thank you!

06-08-06, 09:06 pm
Welcome to the forum. Both of your piggies are adorable but I love Cloudy's colors. Her name really suits her!

06-09-06, 01:06 am
Welcome, welcome! They are sooo cute and the cage is nice with your son's finishing touch - they got a little jungle of their own!

Res Judicata
01-07-08, 01:28 pm
I just realized I got involved with school again and never properly introduced my new pig, Bunny. She has this funny little gait sometimes where she steps forward normally with her front paws and hops with both back at the same time. I think it's her version of a popcorn. I don't know why her eye is grey in this picture, it's red in other pictures of her. But this is the best picture of her, as she doesn't like to sit still.

She's like two pigs in one -- black with a sprinkling of red on one side, a stripe on the other.