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06-07-06, 09:48 am
Yet another new one :o Hey I'm Kim, i'm from the every so sunny UKlol
Joined for my love of :love:piggies:love:
I have two 10 week old male guinea pigs, called Cotton and Pepper:)


06-07-06, 10:18 am
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My Baby Mu
06-07-06, 10:56 am
Welcome to the forum.

06-07-06, 10:57 am
Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of great information and helpful tips here.

06-07-06, 11:00 am
Welcome. This is the best place to learn all there is about the care of GP's.

06-07-06, 11:00 am

I'm a UK-er too. Around the same age as you as well if I remember rightly from your other post. It's very sunny and warm in Northern Ireland. 28 degrees C due on Sunday! My poor mum.

Anyways. Have you pics of your precious pigsters? We'd love to see them. Hope to see you around!

06-07-06, 02:42 pm
Welcome to the forum! I love the names Cotton and Pepper. Any chance of pictures? We love picutes.

06-07-06, 05:11 pm
Welcome to the forum.

06-08-06, 10:40 am
I will post pictures of the piggies as soon as i can, my digi camera has been borrowed so when i get it back i will take some pictures.

While i am here, i just want to ask something.
My guinea pigs are both males, and it wasn't until i bought them i found out it's unadvisable to keep males together. I'm a bit concerned, now and again they have a little fight, nothing major. When i bought them they were together and they are babies, so do you think they'll be okay, because they are growing up together?

Thank you =)

Percy's Mom
06-08-06, 11:23 am
They should be fine. All pigs scuffle now and again to make sure everyone knows who is dominant in the cage. As long as there isn't bloodshed and no one is getting injured, leave them alone. You said they're babies. How old are they now? When they hit puberty around 3-4 months old, you might see more skirmishes for a few months while their hormones are raging.

My Baby Mu
06-08-06, 08:12 pm
It's fine to keep males together, I personally have 4 together. I can't wait for pictures!

06-09-06, 05:08 am
They are ten weeks old...well eleven now since i bought them!
I'm going away for the weekend, i will take some pictures when i get home and post them up.
Bye for now :)