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06-06-06, 11:21 pm
We're new here! Katie is 9 and I'm her mom, Susan. She has been wanting a guinea pig forever (used to say 'giddy pig' when she was little). Have to admit I'd always wanted one too....

We got her two pigs a couple months ago - with the usual med-cage 'starter kit' from the store. We knew enough to know that they were social, so thought 2 would be better than 1. They were just babies - probably about 1/2 size of an adult so not sure how old that makes them. Got online to get more info on care and sexing (wasn't so sure about that pet store employee's skill) and found this site...THANKS for all the great information on cages and care - we've learned so much already and am glad to find out NOW rather than later for our piggies' sake!

Using the pics linked from here (or was it cavylynx?) I checked our piggies and discovered not two females that we were told we had, but a boy and girl....WHOOPS - time to separate! I THINK (hope...) that Sophie isn't old enough to be interested in boys yet. We hadn't seen any inkling of any mating type behavior - and believe me, they have been spoiled rotten and watched almost constantly since we've had them - so hopefully we won't have any unexpected babies.

Anyway it was time to get them separated into their very own spacious C&C. Out we went to find cubes and we built them a triple decker 5x2. Storage on the very bottom, then the girls and boys on top, with a lid to keep out 'intruders'. Got the idea from some of the pics posted here - thanks for that too! So far, so good with the cage... we've been scooping the wet aspen litter daily and the only odor we have is the fresh smell of the aspen shavings. When I get a minute I'll post a pic. I have to say it is great fun to watch them play in their large C&C cages - such a difference from the few days they had to spend in the small store cage.

Once we got the cage finished we had to find another girl and boy to keep them company, so our family now has 4 piggies. The girls are Sophie (black american with a few white spots on her tummy) and Butterscotch (cream/self colored American) The boys are William (solid black - a very handsome fellow with a few swirls in his coat) and Pumpkin (tan, brown and white and such a great expression) Judging from their sizes, Pumpkin and Butterscotch are older than the other two, but not fully grown yet either.

The girls are Katie's, William is mine (Mom's) and Pumpkin is my 8 yr old boy's. It's also been such fun to see the kids so excited and enjoying the piggies. They've been really great so far about helping keep up the cage and care - Katie checks food water and hay every morning, I feed the veggies mid-day (I'm a full-time telecommuter) and we scoop wet spots at night before bed.

The piggies have gone from being quite skittish and nervous to very content and happy to be held and petted, and are starting to come to us more and more (they do seem to be food motivated... LOL)

Anyway, that's our little slice of the piggy world here in NC. Looking forward to being a part of this forum!

Mom (Susan), Katie and the Piggies

My Baby Mu
06-06-06, 11:26 pm
Welcome to the forum. I can't wait for pictures.

06-07-06, 05:27 am
Welcome to the forum. If you have had them for a couple months now then chances are you would notice that your female was prenant and you would be having babies very soon. It is a good thing you sexed them and figured it out. If they were old evnough to leave the mother chances are they were old enough to mate.
Again Welcome!!!

06-07-06, 06:31 am
Ditto to what Babygrl said. I would breathe easier in another month. The gestation period for piggies is 59-72 days (I believe).

Welcome to the forum. How old is your daughter? I adopted my girls (three to start) with the assumption that they'd be my kids' pets (But I knew the responsibility would be mine) but I fell so in love with these girls that I consider them all mine (I have seven now). My kids are a 10 1/2yr old son and 2 daughters-8yrs & 3yrs.

06-07-06, 08:24 am
Welcome to the forum Susan! It sounds like you are off to a wonderful start already. You'll probably discover there is still so much to learn - I've had my first/oldest pig for almost 3 years now and I am still learning new things!
See you around.

06-07-06, 11:02 am
Welcome Susan!
You have defiantly had a busy couple of months with the new pigs. Their cages sound awsome and can't wait to see pigtures of the piggy clan.

06-07-06, 11:11 am
Welcome. Such a great start for you. My kids when small called them "kitty pigs". Pictures please. Just love pictures.

06-07-06, 02:30 pm
Thanks for the kind welcome!

Kids... we have Katie who is 9, and the 3 boys - 8,6, and 3.5 The older 3 kids are all really gentle with the animals around our house but we do have to watch Hayden because he likes to poke and watch them squirm...hopefully he'll outgrow that soon!

As soon as I can take a break from this computer (darn work - keeps interfering with my fun) I'll find the dig camera and take a few pictures of the piggies.

06-07-06, 02:36 pm
Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see pictures!