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06-06-06, 08:57 pm
Hi all!
My name is Andy, and I live with my buddy, Paulie. He's a 2 1/2-year-old boar and is as cute as the dickens! I hope to have a picture up here soon, but he's all brown with a white spot on top of his head and a white beard. He's sitting here, wanting to type on the keyboard. He's a feisty one sometimes though. Most of the time when he is taken out of his cage he knows it's play time and wants to get right to it! He loves to run around on the floor until he gets tired and then hides out underneath the couch. I've been snooping around the website and finally decided to join.
I've been thinking recently of getting him a friend and wanted to ask for your thoughts. Does anybody have any stories, good or bad, about adding a cagemate after you've had your pig for a while?

06-06-06, 09:17 pm
Welcome to Cavy Cages!

If your boar is 2 1/2 you can get a submissive baby boar and introduce them after the quarantine period. Or you could get a spayed female.

My Baby Mu
06-06-06, 11:23 pm
Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you are thinking of getting another piggy. Go with what Ly&Pigs said on what type of guinea pig to get. You could also neuter your boar and get a female.

06-07-06, 05:28 am
Welcome to the forum.

06-07-06, 06:34 am
Welcome to the site. I'd make sure that your cage is alittle bigger than what the normal size is required on this forum. I hear the more room the better for boys. I have all girls. Good luck and if you need help with trying to find a buddy, just ask!

06-07-06, 08:35 am
I had my boar alone for about a year before giving him his first 'permanant' cagemate, and now he has 3 ladies living with him. There were no problems. I got a young sow (Charlie was neutered aged 4 months; he was 13 months when he got his friend; his friend was 2 months), introduced in very neutral territory, provided a distraction and they got on perfectly. Always have done and they have been together for nearly 2 years now, even through the initial upset of having 2 new girls join them when they were fine as they were!

Remember to adopt from a rescue/shelter and not buy from a pet store or breeder! We can help you find where your nearest rescue is if we know whereabouts you are (state/zip).

Welcome to the forum.

06-07-06, 02:44 pm
Ditto on adoption! Check out this site for some good advice on piggie social life: http://cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm I'm sure your little guy would love a piggie friend.