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06-04-06, 06:31 pm
Hi all,

I haven't been able to find coroplastic where I live, but I really want to get a bigger cage for my piggies, and I was wondering about a wood cage, but I'm affraid that wood would get stinky, so I'm thinking on paint it with pool paint to make it waterproof so the pee don't get to the wood

Do you know about any kind of problem with that?


06-04-06, 06:57 pm
You can use linolium instead of coroplast. Look at the galleries under alternative cages for ideas.

06-05-06, 01:12 pm
I wouldn't think that pool paint would work anyhow. I know this may sound silly but do you mean paint for the decks around pools or paint for the part that holds the water? If so that material is concrete and not wood. As far as for a deck, there is actual deck paint and stains. Exterior paint such as what is used on a house also keeps the wood waterproofed.
Like fourbwabbys suggested, look at the alternative cages and some might even give details on materials and finishes used. Be very careful.

06-05-06, 03:08 pm
I used foam board. I made a frame out of 1" X1" and tacked the foam board to it. It is a little larger than my cage, and I lay a sheet of plastic over it and then my fleece, then I put the cage on top of it, so the fleece is nice and taught and hangs over a bit like a tablecloth.

The foam board I got at Hobby Lobby, JoAnnes Fabric and they had it at Lowes also. I'm happy with it so far and I think the plastic will protect it well. The second floor doesn't have the plastic but has paper and fleece on top of it. It is cheap enough to replace if I need to do so, and it cuts easy.

06-05-06, 03:12 pm
My first cage was wooden - altered picket fencing lined with wire 'mesh' you could use cubes (avoiding the need for iffy paint!). The base I made from a large sheet of hardboard, lined with self adhesive floor tiles, the spaces sealed with ducktape.

Hope this helps!

06-05-06, 07:55 pm
Thanks a lot, any info that you can give me, is helpful
Specially now, before I go and buy the materials...

Right now my piggie's cage is on the floor, do you think I need a table for the cage?

06-05-06, 08:25 pm
Can you please describe me linoleum?, because it's hard to see from the pictures, and I need to know what I will be looking for

Besides the foam board sounds easier to find here...

What I'm sure is that I'm changing the bedding, they have shelves all over the body...

06-06-06, 03:04 am
Hi Joaquin.
I have found some information about linoleum for you.

Image: http://www.ecohaus.com/pop_linoleum_img.html
Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linoleum

I also found an auction on eBay selling coroplast, so if you are subscribed to eBay you should be able to buy coroplast online. Here is one auction to help you (http://cgi.ebay.com/10-18x24-BLANK-YARD-SIGNS-coroplast-corrugated-w-STAKE_W0QQitemZ6063797709QQihZ009QQcategoryZ20946Q QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem). Many auctions on eBay will ship to different places in the world; this one I noticed especially because they will send blank coroplast worldwide. You will need to buy more than one sheet of this because one piece might not fit a good sized cage. You can easily tape any separate pieces together to make on bigger piece.

06-06-06, 08:45 am
Thanks a lot Cavy-cool-crazy, now I know I have seen linoleum, I think it will be easier to find here.

As for the link for the ebay auction, is 27 dlls a good price for one sheet of coroplast plus shipping? It seems a little expensive to me, but I don't know the normal pricing for this material.

06-06-06, 08:49 am
jdomans, I meant the paint used inside the pool, the one that holds the water...

I think that paint would stay on the wood anyhow, but my concern is about any toxic issue on that kind of paint

Or what about any other outdoors wood paint, any one that makes water resistant the wood?

Would that be a good choice?

Percy's Mom
06-06-06, 08:53 am
I wouldn't recommend the paint. On the surface, it sounds like a good idea, but if your pig chews the wood at all, he will ingest paint, and that could be poisonous. I would assume that whatever is in the paint to make it waterproof wouldn't be good for a guinea pig.

06-06-06, 06:38 pm
It make sense to me what you are saying percy's mom, but wouldn't it be the same with coroplast or linoleum? I mean if the pigs chew on the coroplast or linoleum it may be toxic, don't you think?

Percy's Mom
06-06-06, 07:04 pm
They might chew on the coroplast, but it wouldn't expose the wood that could soak up urine. None of it would be good for them to chew, but the coroplast or linoleum would be less harmful in the longrun, and MUCH easier to upkeep.