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06-04-06, 05:43 pm
Hi, mi name is Joaquin, I live in Ciudad Juarez Mexico, it's at the border with El Paso Texas.

I have two male piggies, and I have had them for about two weeks.

I don't know much about piggies, but I thinks they are silkies, long hair from the neck to the back...

I bought them at El Paso, and I can't find any supplies here at Juarez

I will have to go to El Paso each time i need something...

Well, I hope i get to know you well, and hopefully you help me carying my piggies


Fire Cracker
06-04-06, 05:55 pm
Welcome to the form! There is so much to learn here so read up, and ask all of the questions you would like.

06-04-06, 07:53 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum, be sure to look around the site you can get lots of great info and ideas!

My Baby Mu
06-04-06, 10:15 pm
Welcome to the forum. You will learn a lot here.

06-05-06, 02:51 am
Hi Joaquin. I'm new here too, but this is a great forum so you'll get lots of help and ideas here. What are your boys' names?

06-05-06, 05:40 pm
Mi piggies names are "mechas" and "grenias", those are spanish words, but I don't know the translation.

I don't know how old are they, but I think they are not that young, because both are about 10" size.

Both are long haired, tricolor white-orange-black with different amounts each

I'm thinking on trimming the fur, because its getting tangled up, even when I brush them daily, I think I got the worng brush from the pet store

Does the bedding has anythig to do with the tangling up the fur? They have wood bedding, I'm considering changing it to fleece...

06-05-06, 06:54 pm
Many of the folks on the group keep their long haired pigs trimmed up. Glad you found us and it is good to know that you want to do everything to be a good mom. Welcome.

06-05-06, 07:21 pm
Welcome to the forum. Your pigs sound mighty cute.

06-06-06, 02:50 am
Lots of people find that their long haired piggies' hair gets more tangled when they use wood shavings.

If you look in the "Bedding and Hay" section of this forum you will find lots of threads about fleece. I have a long-haired girl, a Coronet called Tuppence, and her hair is very easy to manage because she lives on fleece.

It is a good idea to trim the hair around their butts every 8 weeks or so, and bath their butts as well every 8 weeks. They only need full baths (their full bodies washing) every 6 months or even less often, unless they get very dirty.

Welcome to the forum Joaquin.

06-06-06, 08:44 am
Hello and Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of very helpful information on how to care for your pigs here.