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06-04-06, 01:01 pm
Hi all! My name's Joey. I'm from the South Coast of NSW in Australia. We have four gorgeous piggies in our family - Crash and Mooky, and their children, MJ (Mooky Junior) and Lincoln:

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b299/littlemissjoey/daddy.jpg http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b299/littlemissjoey/mommy.jpg

Dad and mum, Crash and Mooky (5 months of age)

http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b299/littlemissjoey/194061.jpg http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b299/littlemissjoey/194062.jpg

MJ, the little princess, and her kid brother, Lincoln (5 weeks of age)

And yes, I am a slave to these kids. Hope I get to know you all on the forum!

06-04-06, 01:08 pm
Welcome! Was this a planned pregnancy?

06-04-06, 01:14 pm
Thank you. :)

Unfortunately no, it wasn't planned. We had purchased Crash and Mooky from a pet store (I wasn't as educated about cavies at that point as I am now). We think she was already pregnant when we got her. Thankfully, she made it through okay and now the girls and boys live separately. We won't be letting any more pregnancies happen from now on!

My Baby Mu
06-04-06, 01:14 pm
Welcome to the forum. And I have the same question as fourbwabbys, was this a planned pregnancy?

06-04-06, 01:18 pm
Ok. The same thing happened to me, thats one of the reasons why we don't advocate buying from pets stores on here. I'm glad everything went well.

06-04-06, 01:21 pm
Yes, I'm definitely going to spread the word about not buying cavies from pet stores. It's terrible that buying them from pet stores has become such a common thing, and that people don't know any better.

My Baby Mu
06-04-06, 01:24 pm
I'm glad it wasn't planned. They are very cute!

Percy's Mom
06-04-06, 01:33 pm
That's quite a lovely little piggy family you have there littlemissjoey! Are you thinking about having Mooky and Lincoln neutered, so they can all live together?

I'm sorry you had to find out first hand one of the reasons we advocate adopting instead of purchasing, but you have a beautiful group and seperating them was the completely responsible thing to do. Also, thank you so much for spreading the word about avoiding the pet shops. Often, hearing something from a friend is the best way to get a needed message across.

Welcome to Cavy Cages! You'll have a great time here finding lots of wonderful information!

06-04-06, 02:55 pm
Welcome, Joey!

Those are some seriously adorable piggies you've got there. I love the big black splodge 3 of them have on their faces. It stands out so much and just adds to their sweetness.

06-04-06, 05:26 pm
Welcome to the forum. You have some cute little piggies. Looking forward to getting to know you and your babies better.

06-05-06, 02:47 am
That's quite a lovely little piggy family you have there littlemissjoey! Are you thinking about having Mooky and Lincoln neutered, so they can all live together?

Actually, Crash and Lincoln are the boys, and Mooky and MJ are the girls. :) And yes, I'm currently calling around different vets in our region to check their experience, etc. because we plan to get Crash neutered. At the moment, Lincoln is too young for the procedure, but we also plan to get him neutered in the future.

Thank you all for your welcomes! This is a fantastic forum with a lot of great information and ideas, and most importantly, great people. I'm glad to have found a place where people love their animals as much as I do! It's good to see I'm not alone!

06-05-06, 05:12 am
What cute little pigs! Welcome to the forum.

Percy's Mom
06-05-06, 07:26 am
I'm SO sorry I mixed up the names! Good idea to check out the different vets. In the mean time I'm sure Crash and Lincoln are happy together.

06-05-06, 10:06 pm
That's okay - Mooky is a strange name after all! My 17-year-old sister owns the girls, so she named Mooky. You should've seen the look on my face when she told me what she was naming her piggie... Utter confusion!

I just booked Crash a neutering appointment with the exotic pets specialist in our area - they came highly recommended to me by the other vets I called in our area, and sure enough, they fit the criteria. I've read all the material on Cavy Spirit about neutering and I definitely think this is the best thing for the happiness of the piggies, but I'm still so worried something might go wrong... :(

Percy's Mom
06-05-06, 10:26 pm
Percy is getting neutered on Wednesday this week. I'm sure everything is going to go great for both our boys. We'll keep all of our fingers, toes, and paws crossed for good luck! ;)

06-05-06, 11:06 pm
I'll keep everything crossed for Percy. Crash will too. :)

06-06-06, 03:20 pm
It will be just fine. Doolittle was neutered not long ago. Lordy I forget. Anyhow they are actually up and at 'em in about 10 minutes after the procedure. You haven't mentioned what bedding you use, but for a couple of weeks anyhow you will want Crash on fleece or if you aren't using it, towels. His bottom will thank you for it and it keeps the incison cleaner.

Silly me...welcome!

06-07-06, 10:25 am
I'm using wood shavings for their bedding with newspaper underneath. I'll be setting up a little "hospital hutch" for Crash. I've already bought a load of white towels for it. I read on a website (maybe Cavy Spirit) that I should change the bedding at least twice a day, so I'll be doing that and everything I can to make Crash's recovery as quick and comfortable as possible.

And thank you for your welcome. :)

06-07-06, 11:17 am
Welcome. The babies are so cute with such nice markings. Just curious. Since you have 2 of each, could each sex be kept together and then Crash might not have surgery? Or do you want them to all live together?

06-07-06, 02:38 pm
Welcome to the forum! Your piggie family is very sweet.

06-08-06, 10:14 am
Just curious. Since you have 2 of each, could each sex be kept together and then Crash might not have surgery? Or do you want them to all live together?

The boys are housed separately from the girls, but it makes me upset to see how much Crash 'yearns' for Mooky, so that's why I want to get the boys neutered and they can all live together. :)

My Baby Mu
06-08-06, 08:14 pm
It may not work to have 2 boys (neutered) and 2 girls together. The boys may fight over the females. You could neuter both boys and put them in 2 seperate cages, so they would each have 1 girlfriend.

06-12-06, 12:13 am
Thanks for that tidbit. :) I have just got the same advice from other knowledgeable people, so the 'couples' will live separately. I love how you all also refer to them as 'girlfriends' and 'boyfriends'. My friends think I'm insane for doing that.