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lynn's Cavies
06-04-06, 10:36 am
Hi everyone,

Just an introduction here. I have three guinea pigs:

Timothy - neutered male, orange/white, Abbysinnian, 4 years old.
Corky - neutered male, lilac/orange, Abbysinnian/American, 3 years old.
Helen - sow, blonde, American, 5 1/2 years old.

I have had guinea pigs since 1998 and absolutely adore them! My first guinea pig, Penny, was a golden agouti American, and I thought he was a she, hence the name. Around 3 months I figured that out and by then the name had stuck. He is the reason I am addicted to guinea pigs!

I live on Vancouver Island, married now for 8 years, our furbabies are our children. I also have other pets but I'm unsure if I'm allowed to post about that?

Anyway, I look forward to meeting everyone and thank you for having me.


Percy's Mom
06-04-06, 11:09 am
Welcome to Cavy Cages lynn! Sounds like you have a wonderful little fur family. And you are absolutely allowed to tell us about your other pets. We are definite animal lovers and most of us have other pets. I personally have a beagle, 2 cats, 3 guinea pigs, and a hamster.

lynn's Cavies
06-04-06, 11:26 am
Hi Percy's Mom,

Thank you for the welcome!

Our family consists of:

1 cat - spayed female, 13 years old, Bocho.
3 turtles - Lady Thompson, Dandy & Joy - 3 years old.
3 bunnies - neutered male, Mojo - 6 years old. NeNe - female Dutch, 1 1/2 years old & Tamago - male (will be neutered when he's 4 months old) Rex.

Fish - my husbands
6 fire bellied Toads, & 12 fire bellied newts - rescued 2 and look what happens!

and of course, my adorable guineas, can't forget them!


06-04-06, 12:34 pm
Sounds like you have a wonderful pet family. I canít wait to see pictures! This is kind of off topic but I also have three rabbits (2 males and a female). They are getting neutered/spayed this summer and I am hoping to bond them as a trio. Do you have all yours bonded together? I am just curious if it is possible to have 2 males and a female live peacefully togeather.

My Baby Mu
06-04-06, 01:19 pm
Welcome to the forum.

06-04-06, 02:05 pm
Welcome! Do you have any pictures of your fur family?

06-04-06, 02:49 pm
Welcome to Cavy Cages Forum, Lynn!
As suggested before, we love seeing pigtures of everyones furbabies. It sounds like you have quite family there! I just have the six - four pigs and two elderly dogs.

lynn's Cavies
06-04-06, 03:22 pm
Here is a picture of my oldest guinea pig, Helen.

lynn's Cavies
06-04-06, 03:24 pm
I"m going to have to spend some time resizing my pictures. They are pretty much all too large. Once I do that I will post them.


06-04-06, 03:33 pm
That is a beautiful pigture of Helen. She's gorgeous.

My Baby Mu
06-04-06, 03:36 pm
Helen is a pretty piggy, fabulous pigture!

06-04-06, 05:21 pm
Welcome to the forum. I have seven girls and three human kids that's it for now. I'd like to add a small dog but the time isn't right, yet.

Helen is such a sweetheart. Does she live with your boys? How do they get along? Just curious. Some members have had more than one boy in with several girls and it never seemed to work. Just wondering if you have a secret.

lynn's Cavies
06-04-06, 07:04 pm
Hi JennG,

Helen lives with Corky. Timothy lives alone but his cage is pressed right up against their's. I had him living with other pig's before but once he lost his eyesight he started to get nippy and aggressive. I thought he would be very sad alone but actually is more confident now and popcorns a lot. I have an outside run for the pigs when it's nice out and he goes out with them but again in a separate area. As long as he is around them he seems to be happy. He also pokes his nose through the bars but I can tell that Corky and him would fight as they chatter their teeth at each other.

I tried having them together at one point even though I have only heard of one person who has done this successfully and they were fine for about 5 minutes. Timothy was also aggressive towards my female so I'm going to leave him how he is.

Thanks for the compliment on Helen. I adore, adore, adore her!


lynn's Cavies
06-04-06, 07:05 pm
I meant to say thank you to everyone who complimented my piggie, Helen!

Thank you all! I feel blessed to have her!

06-04-06, 07:33 pm
I was just curious. My Angel was born blind. She actually gets around the cage very well even after I revise it. I do guide her through the cage a few times after a revision to get her used to the new cage but she adjusts very easily.

Anyways, welcome!