View Full Version : Grids to make cages cheap price

06-03-06, 08:03 pm
I have a bunch of grids to make cages. Enough to make a 3 story cage and more. Will sell for a great price.


06-03-06, 09:26 pm
There is a policy on this forum that you must have a moderator or administrator's permission before selling things on our forum. You have not asked for permission to sell anything. We don't know why you are selling them either. So until you let one of us moderators know why you want to sell them and ask for permission to sell them, you will not be allowed to sell them. I am editing your post and removing your email from it. Since you cannot send private messages until you have 5 posts, you can email me at [email protected] This thread will be closed until such a time as you get permission to sell them.