View Full Version : How many cubes can i fit into one metre?

Crazy 4 Cavies
06-03-06, 10:45 am
My title say it all. :)
Just wondering how many cubes will fit into a meter (going lengh ways) as this is the room i am allowed :)

Many thanks Soph x x

06-03-06, 10:47 am
About 2 and a half grids.

Edit: 1metre is only 39inches.

Crazy 4 Cavies
06-03-06, 10:48 am
Oh ok thank you.
I will just move my desk out my room to have more space then!

06-03-06, 10:57 am
I had to do the same Soph! I now have no wardrobe, no real dressing table and no TV unit all to fit a 2x4 C&C in my room. And it is still a very tight squeeze!

06-03-06, 11:49 am
I know what you mean, I had to make a complete over haul in my bedroom to fit a 3x4. I'm not alloud having the cage anywhere else in the house.