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06-02-06, 02:55 pm
I want to build a C&C 2 story closed cage for my guinea pig. How much, where do I find the stuff, is it easy, can I do it in 2 days, and how do I make the top open and close? Anything else you think I should know, please tell me!!!

06-02-06, 03:12 pm
Yes it is easy and yes you can do it in two days, actually you can do it in one day. Grids I buy at Target, but they are also at Costco, Bed bath and Beyond and sometimes walmart. Coroplast you buy at a sign shop, I get mine at signs now. The top I get at Home Depot the wire 16 inch wide shelves for closets. Make you cage first then measure for your top. Home Depot will cut them for you for free.

06-02-06, 03:15 pm
What is coroplast? Is there step by step instructions and supply list anywhere?

06-02-06, 03:20 pm

You can find the cubes at stores like Meijer, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linen N Things, Wal-Mart or even order them on e-Bay. Coroplast can be found at any local sign shop or graphics store, just crack open a phone book to find those. Good luck and have fun!

06-02-06, 04:37 pm
I made one last night. It only took me 3 hours to do it, But I messed up the first time and it turned out really nice. And my girls are extremly happy now.