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06-02-06, 02:41 pm
While I have visited the cavycages site many times, I hadn't discovered the forums until just recently. So now I thought I would join the group and take advantage of all the information you have.

I have one old sow, Louise. She is almost 7 years old, a PEW, mostly blind (I'm pretty sure she can see light and shadows), deaf, and a 2 year cancer survivor. She is an absolute sweetheart that lives in a 2X3 cavycage with a second floor condo. She did have a room-mate for a while who she tolerated, but is back to living alone which she seems to prefer. We love her to pieces and spoil her rotten.

I also do fostering of any small animals for the local shelter. Right now I am quite nervous because they just gave me a sow that they think is around 1 1/2 yrs old and possibly pregnant for the first time. I've asked them to try and get more information on her, so we'll see what they come up with. I really hope she's not pregnant. The only other birthing experience I've had was with another foster who produced 3 pups, 2 of which were lethal whites. It was a horrible experience, and I don't want another tragedy.

Is there any way that anybody here knows of to tell if a sow has had a previous pregnancy? Would I be able to feel any kind of separation in her pelvis at this point, or is it too early to tell? She's such a sweet little girl, I would hate to lose her. Any information that could be helpful would be greatly appreciated.

06-02-06, 07:46 pm
Welcom to the forum. I'm glad to hear that Louise is in such good hands. I have a girl that was born blind. We named her Angel. She gets around very well in the cage even when I redo it. I just have to guide her through the new cage to get her aquainted with it.

As far as telling if a piggie's given birth before, I'm not sure if you can. But I've only had one pregnant girl (rescued her pg and didn't know it). Hopefully someone else will know or you can ask on www.guinealynx.com (http://www.guinealynx.com) which is a more medical based forum. Good luck.

06-02-06, 08:06 pm
Hi Coopdog. Glad you found the forum part of the site. What a story about your Louise. 7 years old, she must be a tough lady. I can't help you with the pregnancy questions. All I can say is good luck!! What other small animals do you foster?

06-02-06, 08:18 pm
Mostly I have fostered piggies, but I've also done dwarf hammies. I'd love to do rats, but they haven't asked me to so far. We have a wonderful shelter here that takes in anything and everything. They have a full time vet and tons of volunteers. If you would like to see the website, it's


06-02-06, 08:21 pm
How funny! The website got "translated" into an icon! The actual name of the shelter is (and I'll space it out so hopefully it will stay in letters this time) L o l l y p o p F a r m.

06-02-06, 08:23 pm
It worked for me. Thanks! And welcome again.

06-02-06, 09:00 pm
Welcome! I don't think there is any way to tell if she has had litters before until she delivers. If she's over 1 year old and hasn't had a pregnancy before, her pelvic bones could have fused making it nearly imposstible to deliver. I'm pretty sure if she's had a litter before, it would be ok. Also the litter size often, but not always, can indicate if she's had any previous litters. I want to wish you good luck with your foster piggy. Hopefully, she's not pregnant.

06-03-06, 05:53 am
Welcome to the forum!

It changed lollypop to an icon because the initials L O L placed together is the code for that particular smiley.

06-06-06, 07:04 pm
Well, the good news is that my little foster sow has had babies before. So at least I don't have to worry about her ability to deliver if she is pregnant. The bad news is that the male she was exposed to was one of her babies, and he had a useless hind leg and couldn't poop right, so the shelter ended up putting him down. I'm hoping this means he was incapable of breeding with her. Otherwise, I think I could be in for some sadly inbred pups.

She is a strange looking pig herself. Very high in the hind quarters with a huge butt, and her legs seem like they're not quite put on right, if that makes any sense. When she walks, she almost looks like a gorilla...really quite odd looking. I suspect she was inbred as well, since she was bought at a pet store and was already pregnant.

We'll see how it goes. Keep fingers crossed that she's not pregnant.

06-07-06, 02:47 pm
Welcome to the forum! It's great that you take such great care of your special pigs. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that your foster girl isn't pregnant and that if she is it goes well.

06-10-06, 09:29 am
OK, experts...my little foster pig seems to be gaining almost 1 oz. a day. She started out at 1 lb. 12 oz. and is now at 2 lb. 8 oz. She doesn't really look pregnant, she's not eating very much (maybe a Tablespoon or two to of alfalfa pellets and a handful of orchard grass hay daily, plus fresh veggies) , and she only drinks a small amount of water (about 1 oz. daily). This is the way she's been since I got her just over a week ago. She was vet checked right before I got her.

Granted, my scale is not the best, but it keeps registering increasing amounts, so I don't think it's that far off. She's bright eyed and active, runs around on floor time, and mutual grooms me during cuddle time, so I don't think there's anything wrong, I've just never had experience with pregnancy this early on (if that's what it is). All my other fosters were very close to their due date, or the babies were already born. Does everything sound normal to you?

06-16-06, 01:54 pm
I would love to post pictures of my girls, but I don't have the means to do it on this site. However, if you go to this link, you should be able to see them. I lost my sweet Sadie in January:

06-16-06, 02:20 pm
Just open a photobucket account and after resizing your pics to 4 x 6 or
3 x 5 then upload them. Use the IMG and paste it in your posts here.

Love your pigtures.

06-16-06, 02:24 pm
Hi there, I am have just rescued some piggies last week and one of them is pregnant, and I was worrying that maybe she would have the same problem that you thought yours might have. Thank goodness for your wee girl that she has delivered before if she is indeed pregnant again.
The pelvic bones only seperate just before they give birth, normaly 12-24 hours before can in some cases be up to a week. If she is putting on weight she could well be pregnant, I would keep an eye on her and try and feel if her belly is getting bigger or if you can feel the babies moving.
Good luck to her, my wee girl is heavily pregnant so I am just waiting on the patter of tiny feet!
What a lucky lady Louise is, 7 years is a great old age for a piggie!

06-17-06, 11:38 am
Ahhh...jdomans, you are going under the mistaken impression that I am even remotely computer savy. A common misconception! I will have my hubby walk me through it though, on the off chance that my little pea brain might actually absorb what he shows me. Thanx!

06-17-06, 12:05 pm
Show my post to hubby and you will be fine. It is very easy I promise.