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06-02-06, 12:48 pm
Ok, I'm requesting a sort of price comparison. I found the cubes at my store (the university supply store, oddly enough) for $7.99. I get a 40% discount on top of that, I think. Or at least 20%, but I'm pretty sure it's 40. That makes each pack of cubes about $4.80. There are 5 squares in each pack. For a 2x4 cage, I need 20 squares. Yes? Meaning 4 packs, making it around $21 with 9% tax. Does this sound reasonable?

Someone pointed out in another thread of mine that I can get coroplast for 19.08 a sheet around here. I'm assuming that one sheet is 4 feet by 8 feet.

So my cage total would be $40. Is this right? And is this a good price? It certainly seems that way. I may get two sheets, because I'm also thinking of adding in boxes for pull out drawers. Or I could by some rubbermaids at Target or WallyWorld.

Thanks for any and all advice.

Tony's mom
06-02-06, 01:05 pm
I personally don't think the cubes are at a great price. I bought my cubes at Super Target and got 23 grids, 24 connectors for only $14.99. So the cubes may be a bit on the pricey side. As for the coroplast I think it just depends on the store and where you live that's all. In all I think the price for your cage is great and cheap for a huge cage. I hope I helped.

06-02-06, 01:21 pm
If you are building a single story 2x4 with no lid you would only need 12 grids. If you were to put a lid on it then you would need 20 grids.

If you do have a Target near you, you can get the grids much cheaper and if that's the best price you can get for a sheet of coroplast, it's not bad. I pay around that here where I live for a full 4'x8' sheet. There are some members though that can find coroplast for about $10 a sheet. I'm rather jealous of that.

06-02-06, 02:02 pm
Wait, do you mean one pack contains only 5 grids? Five cubes means 5 cubes made up of at least 5 grids each. Or something like that..*shrug*

06-02-06, 02:16 pm
If it says on the package something like "Contains five cubes" that would be 25 or 24 grids.

06-02-06, 04:40 pm
I paid 15 each for my grids from walmart.com and I used Lino for the lining instead of coroplast.I looked at ever store possible around here in North Idaho so I had to order my cubes online, Because I couldnt find any at stores here.

06-02-06, 07:15 pm
Er, no, each pack makes one cube. I guess it's not that great a deal... hm.

I do plan on putting a lid on it. Just to check my drawing and math skills here, I need 2 squares for each side (4), 4 each for the front and back (+8), and 8 for the bottom (+8) because it's going on a stand. The stand will need 4 for the back, 2 each for the sides and the 3 middle partitions... all that math means... er... 34 grids or squares.

So, checking walmart.com, they have a set of 4 cubes for 14.88, which means 16 grids. I would need at least 2 of those packages (I could realistically leave out the veyr middle of the stand/storage partition) to make 32 grids. With tax, that's $32.44. From my store, for 34 grids, I'd pay $36.58. So it's only slightly more expensive than walmart. I'll go shopping though to see what's actually here in town, because avoiding shipping would make things even less expensive.

06-02-06, 07:25 pm
Quit looking on line if you have a local store. You will pay shipping on top of the price you see. There is no Target near you? No Target in the surrounding towns that you frequent? Nobody beats their price. The next best is Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or Linens and Things. Their cubes cost more but if you have that store in your area then it will still be less than shipping from online. Ok once again I see Target inTuscaloosa.

1901 13th Ave E
Sorry to sound so rough but you are making things more difficult than they need to be. I am here in Ga finding what you need through the Yahoo Yellow Pages.

06-02-06, 07:45 pm
Wow, thanks for misunderstanding me. I *know* I have a Target here, I just can't go running off right this moment to price check. All I really wanted to know was how much were cubes usually, and whether the price I could get, $4.80, was good. I've also mentioned that my Target sometimes doesn't carry things you might find at others, I'm really not sure why. The rest of the stores you mention aren't in this town... There's really no reason to jump down my throat at this point.

06-02-06, 07:50 pm
Bah, it's all moot I suppose until I make the trip to Target to see for myself.

06-02-06, 07:57 pm
Not jumping down your throat at all. over and over again there are threads with the prices and names of stores that carry grids. On the main page of this site is a section that has a spot where people have put in where they found supplies and how much they paid. Target usually has them for $14.99 and on sale many times for $12.99. You are the one that said "But no one sells coroplast anywhere within even 50 miles, that I could find in my searching." (In your thread about Penny and Callie.) I am here in Savannah, GA and I go to Yahoo yellow pages and not only find a sign shop, I called the shop and got a price for you.
Nobody said to run out to Target right now but to carry on about prices and look on line when you haven't exhausted what is local is for the birds. If anyone lives in a city that carries nothing, that is me. I figure if Savannah has it then most everyone does too.

06-03-06, 07:12 pm
went by target. 6 cubes for $14.99, although it's only 23 grids in actuality. Still pretty good. :) I'm debating if I want a one story, or a 2 story loft cage. But if I make a one story, I can always customize later. But I do feel now like the cage is this much closer!

06-04-06, 10:19 am
i found my grids at target for 14.95 and got a 5 dollar gift card with purchase so went back next day and got a secound box. but the coroplas was very high here! $35 for a white 4x8 sheet.but the two girls love the cage.

06-04-06, 10:38 am
How did you get the gift card with purchase? Was it some special they were running? It'd be nice to get that but I don't think I'll be so lucky. :P I'll probably go ahead and get 2 boxes, because I really want a stand for them, instead of having them on the floor again.

06-04-06, 10:45 am
The card came with purchase. Didnt know till i checked out.Kinda made up for the high price of the coroplas.

06-07-06, 12:10 am
Ok, Flora Sign Co, 18.50 for a 4x8 sheet. 4x8 is HUGE! They had to cut it in half to get in into my friend's car. She had to pick it up because I'm at work every day 9-5. :(

06-07-06, 05:33 am
You may need to go out and buy some duck tape now to tape the pieces together. It will still work. Too bad the sign place didn't know it could be rolled. I don't think many do. I have only had coro in one piece once and that was due to a friend with a truck. The other times I had to slice it not knowing either it can be rolled. Just wait, next time it will be rolled.

06-07-06, 01:10 pm
I had clear packing tape; it seemed to work pretty well. I didn't even think of the rolling, though I'd seen pics of it rolled. Now I wish I'd thought of it too. Well, this way, because I didn't cut the two pieces to size exactly, I can actually make the box smaller or larger if need be.

Disney Pigs
06-07-06, 01:42 pm
It truly depends on how big you want to make your cage. If you are only getting five grids and not five cubes, that is pricey. I get coroplast her for $11 a sheet ( white only). Target will probably be your best bet. I think they have them on sale this week. Either way you go, in the long run you will save money. Because just by changing the grids, you can have a larger cage if you ever decide to expand the family.

06-07-06, 04:54 pm
Oh, the cage is already done. I taped, and gridded till my fingers ached. http://www.cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17413 is my thread.

Disney Pigs
06-07-06, 08:07 pm
That is until you get bored with your design and want to change it. HA!HA!HA! How many of us out there have changed our cages more times than we can count. I'm glad to hear it worked out for you in the end.

06-07-06, 08:09 pm
Oh, I'm already plotting additions. But now I need toys!

Disney Pigs
06-07-06, 08:23 pm
My guys LOVE pinecones. It's a twofer. It gives them something to chew on as well as move it around.

06-07-06, 08:30 pm
Are those actually safe?

Disney Pigs
06-07-06, 08:54 pm
I've never had a problem. My bunnies, hamsters all chew on them. I've seen my piggies go after a fresh pinecone (a new unchewed one) over carrots. They need to keep their teeth filed down. What better way and it's free!!

06-07-06, 09:01 pm
Yep pinecones are safe. It's a good idea to bake them for a couple minutes in a hot stove to sanitize them though.