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06-02-06, 12:10 pm
I can't seem to work out how to get the same desired 'quote effect' as everyone else - though I've tried and tried again! :melodrama

How do you get the lovely box around quotations???

06-02-06, 12:22 pm
Either click the "quote" button, or type like this, without spaces:

[ quote]text here
[ /quote]

Which gives you

text here

Percy's Mom
06-02-06, 12:42 pm
Nice tutorial MetallichicA! :) If you want to put the person's name with the quote, type it like: [ quote=Name] text here [ /quote] . Just remember not to put in the space before quote and /.

text here

If you go with the easiest way and click the quote button, you will see the entire post in between the two symbols above. Please delete out whatever part of the post you are not responding to if you go with this option. Full posts quoted over and over again make the threads a bit difficult to read.

06-04-06, 11:54 am
Thanks M and PM!!!


text here

Did I get it right?
(the quote box didn't give me the wee box around the quote.)

Edited in: Well I got there - after several wrong attempts!:cheerful: