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06-01-06, 04:46 pm
Hello! I'm new here, and in hope to make new friends! My name is Natalia, and I'm XXX years old. Currently I have 2 Guinea Pigs - Manya and Chunya. Both of them are girls, 3 colored and very very cute! I hope to get them a new friend soon, they have been kind of lonely for the last couple of weeks. I want to get a boy and try breeding them. No one in my family likes Guinea Pigs, just me. They say that they are not intelegent.:grumpy: But I don't think that's true! Cavies rock!

Percy's Mom
06-01-06, 04:56 pm
You probably noticed that I took your age out of your post. If you are under 18, we do not allow ages or grade in school to be posted for security reasons. I also want to urge you NOT to breed your guinea pigs. 1 out of every 5 sows that get pregnant get very sick or die. There is also a huge overpopulation of guinea pigs. This forum is very anti-breeding and very pro-adoption. Please check out the following thread. It has links to the forum rules, reasons why we believe so strongly about certain things, and lots of other good information for you.

Welcome to Cavy Cages! I hope you enjoy looking around and learning more about your guinea pigs. You were totally correct in saying "Cavies rock!"

Crazy 4 Cavies
06-01-06, 05:03 pm
Welcome :)
NO please do not breed your cavies for the reasons listed above.
Why not go down to your local reascue and get another sow if you really want another pig?

06-02-06, 11:47 am
Welcome to Cavy Cages! You will see why we are so passionate about NOT breeding piggies when you read http://cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm

There is loads to learn about guinea pigs. We would love to see pigtures of your two girlies. See you around!

Laura ~ CCC

06-02-06, 01:35 pm
Hi, welcome to the forum! I think guinea pigs are intelligent in their own way, they have a good sense of self-preservation though they are not smart in the same way that rats or mice are. So your guinea pigs are calico colored (orange, black, and white) or tri-colored (3 different colors)? I bet they're cute, be sure to share some "pigtures" if you have any. I also agree about not breeding your guinea pigs, do some reading up on it at the links the others posted and you'll probably agree. There's just too much of a pet overpopulation problem, and if you breed then that will take away potential homes for the piggies that already need them. If you want another piggie though, you should really consider adopting, there's lots of homeless piggies out there that are beautiful and would be a great companion to your current girls:)