View Full Version : Bunny snuggle sack?

06-01-06, 04:01 am
I'm making snuggle sacks to help support a local guinea pig rescue. Someone has asked me if rabbits would use them. Has anyone made a snuggle sack for their bunny, and does it get used?

06-01-06, 04:41 am
My baby bunny has one to sleep in at night, he usually sleeps in it and now we are heading into winter he dosnt like coming out of a morning to say hello before i go to work.


06-03-06, 09:53 am
I'd be worried about them eating it. Many rabbits chew on fabric, so you have to be careful. I do have flour sack towels (laid flat and several stacked on top of each other) for one of my pairs to lay on, and they love them! The other two would use them as a midnight snack, which is dangerous.

06-13-06, 07:17 am
I give my buns old towels and they love to drag them around and rearrange them. They also like to get underneath them in play. After I clean their cage I can tell they don't like the fact that I disturbed their towels that they so "neatly" had arranged "just so". They immediately set to work rearranging them again.

My buns favorite things to snuggle in at night are cheap fleece cat beds "Bed Buddies Fleece Donut Pet Beds"

You can get them for $10 or less at any petstore and they last a long time. I just throw them in the washer occassionally.


I give my buns lots of toys and chew things so they don't typically chew their bedding.