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05-30-06, 10:10 pm
I seem to have missed posting in here totally... But IL fix that now.

I'm Robert , Unlike a lot of people on the internet I tend to use my real first name.. Not a dig , just the way it is. I will be 45 in July and I live in New Jersey with my mate Debby and Our piggie Beaver. I will post his pic at the bottom of this post.

I guessed Beaver was about 6 months when we adopted him , I really wish pigs get birth certificates. I know we got him on October but I cant recall if its going on 2 years or 3.

I think I can call our vet and find out when we first took him there. We didnt know it when we got him but he had a minor digestive infection (paste poops). He recovered very quickly.

I let Debby name him... well sort of.... She couldn't think of a name but she looked at him and said " He looks like a Beaver " , and as far as I was concerned he was named.

Here is my Baby :)


05-31-06, 06:22 am
What a cutie!

My Baby Mu
05-31-06, 08:23 am
Welcome to the forum. You have a cutie!

05-31-06, 08:38 am
Nice to meet you Robert. Beaver is a sweetie. See you around!

05-31-06, 02:25 pm
Welcome! I'm in New Jersey, too. What town are you from?

05-31-06, 07:59 pm
Glad you joined us Robert.

06-01-06, 12:30 am
Hey :)

Thanks for the warm welcome. This is definatly the place I think of when it comes to rescues and adoptions. I love my Beaver , he is one of 5 pigs I have been owned by.

Im in Highlands NJ...


06-01-06, 01:26 am
Hi, Robert! I am glad you decided to post here - it's a good way to get to know who's giving you advice. Pleased to know that you don't mind using your name, I think it's great. I posted my name as well when I did the introductions - I think it makes it personal and lets people know that we are real and can help and be trusted. Anyways, enough of that. Your munchkin is very cute! He's posing like a pro! Welcome and nice to meet you. Olga.