View Full Version : Coroplast!

05-28-06, 10:31 pm
Hey I just went into bunnings, to the pavers section, and there were heaps of large squares of coro. I asked about them, and the guy was so happy for me to take them so he didn't have to take them to the bins! I am going to clean them, they are a little scratched etc from being in between concrete pavers, but fine for me and my piggies:cheerful: . They are thinner than the sheets I get from the reverse garbage shop at west end, but I think that will make them all the more easier to work with. Best of all FREEEEEE!!:D

Percy's Mom
05-28-06, 11:10 pm
Free is my absolutely favorite price! Congrats on free coro. I'm sure you'll find lots of different things to make from it.