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05-27-06, 10:35 am
Hey all! I'm a new owner. I have two pigs Maly (sounds like Maui) and Kinney. I don't have any pictures right now because I can't find my camera cord, but as soon as I find it they will go up. Maly is a little guy right now in his own cage for a while. He is mostly white with smooth hair and has a brown half of his face. Kinney is my big baby with gray hair that reminds me of a horses hair. They are getting along in their floor time, but I'm not ready to put them together yet because I'm worried about Maly's safety. I ended up just making an extra 2x4 cage for Kinney when I adopted him because I needed a quarantine cage. Unfortunately, I bought Maly in a pet store and I don't like the purchase (I don't say regret because regret is something you would change if you could back and I wouldn't give up my pig for the world), but I will give this piggie the love I can. I'm debating getting a third pig (Lightning) from one of the humane societies, but I'm not sure I can afford it (yet) and I don't want to have to build another cage so it would be best for me to wait! Just wanted to say good luck to everyone with their pigs!

Percy's Mom
05-27-06, 10:37 am
If they're getting along during floor time, why are you concerned for Maly's safety?

05-27-06, 10:45 am
He's still about half Kinney's size and I'm afraid if they do scrap Maly would get hurt, not because he is doing the normal give up thing, but because Maly isn't big. Is there a huge risk or am I just being paranoid?

(edit: I meant to say isn't big)

05-27-06, 10:57 am
As long as they're fine in floor time, they will be fine living together. The worst part is over, they are introduced to eachother already.

05-27-06, 11:00 am
Oh, excellent. They do that hunger-like squeal thing after floor time so they'll be happy to be together. I'm cleaning out cages today anyway so it would be a great time to put them together once and for all (well unless they stop getting along, that's why I thought it was best just to make the second cage and they are so cheap to make anyway).

05-27-06, 11:46 am
Welcome to the forum. Just remember that they may have some rumblestrutting towards each other for a bit in the cage but it's normal. A good rule of thumb is if there's no blood, leave them be. They have to work out their dominance issues to find out who's going to be the boss. Good luck.

05-27-06, 12:01 pm
lol kinney did that at first and then maly finally started doing it the first time they met. Then they both got tired and flopped down together. It was cute.

My Baby Mu
05-29-06, 09:25 pm
Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you have decided to put your guinea pigs together now.

05-30-06, 09:30 am
Yeah, they are getting along, but they don't really sleep or lay down with each other yet.

My Baby Mu
05-30-06, 08:47 pm
They may not sleep with each other ever. Some pigs do and some pigs don't. Sows (girls) will tend to sleep together more then boars (boys). I have had more then one guinea pig for around a year and they have never slept together (I have four now, and they are boys).

05-30-06, 09:38 pm
Yeah only two of my boys ever slept side by side but... they've both past on now. I'm wondering what's going to happen with my new boy Pumpkin Spice since he was a known cuddler with his former family. Find out soon and welcome to the boards can't wait to see pigtures.

05-31-06, 08:44 am
Welcome to the forums! I'm glad Kinney and Maly are getting along now. I have four pigs together and they would much rather cuddle their teddies than each other. A few pigs will snuggle together, but most piggies put up with sleeping a few inches from each other rather than actually snuggling together.

Can't wait to see pigtures. See you around!

05-31-06, 08:07 pm
Welcome and as long as the boys have plenty of room you shouldn't have a problem. Ryan knows he has a herd of men!!

06-01-06, 01:57 pm
Right now they are in a 2x5 together and I may try to do a cool 2 layer set ups since I have the 2x4 cage left over. The only thing I've noticed is the little one (maly) tries to take veggies away from kinney and he usually suceeds but they are both getting enough. No fights yet so I'm glad that people assured me that kinney wouldn't smash maly or anything lol

06-01-06, 02:07 pm
Mine steal veggies from eachother all the time. It never starts any actual fights, it's just that whoever is sneakiest wins and it's over with. They also don't sleep next to eachother. But when they are seperate they squeak for eachother. So even if the boys steal from eachother and don't sleep side by side, they could still be very good friends. I think they're like people, some just aren't all "touchy-feely".

06-02-06, 08:55 am
Yup, mine are exactly the same way.

Edit: and yours are really cute in that little bed!

06-02-06, 01:45 pm
And the only reason they are "in bed" together is because they were in the bathtub during cage cleaning and they were scared! I had to run and get the camera cause I'll never see that again!!