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05-26-06, 06:10 pm
hi, im new.
I dont have any piggies, but i have been wanting one since i was about 10, and just recently my mom finally said yes.

Im not sure where i am going to find a piggie in my area(south of austin) and from what ive read yall are very against petshops but that may be my only option.

I am planning on building my own cage out of hardware fabric(i believe thats what its called) and it should be fairly large compaired to yalls cages.but that wont be for another month or so cause im going to do it while my boyfriends away to keep me busy(not getting the piggie till then either just fyi) Im not sure about the measurements yet cause i havent drawn a floorplan yet though.

Although i dont have any piggies i am an animal finatic and i have many other critters including:
2 flying squirrels(kiwi and dash)\
4 finches (frank,april,azul,and girly)
1 rabbit (bunny)who i am considering as being a friend for my soon to be piggie.
2 dogs(kiki a shihtzu, hannah a springer spaniel)
1 cat(oliver)
1 three toed box turtle(thum*pop*)
and many many fish.

i cant wait to start learning more and more about these little guys and even more i cant wait to actually get one.

05-26-06, 06:36 pm
Hi and welcome to Cavy Cages. I'm sure we can help you locate a shelter/rescue close to Austin.

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05-26-06, 06:49 pm
Welcome to the forums.

I see you said you have a rabbit that you are considering housing with your Guinea Pig (if you get one).

Before you do anything rash you need to understand that Rabbits and Guinea Pigs should not mix. It is actually very dangerous for a Guinea pig and the rabbit can become seriously depressed and possibly ill as well (from improper diet).

To learn more about why you should not house the two together nor even allow them to play together please read this link http://www.cavycages.com/rabbits.htm

05-26-06, 06:53 pm
oh, well that was just a possibility. I had heard that they can get along from a book i read in 6th grade.

My Baby Mu
05-26-06, 08:31 pm
Welcome to the forums.

Books can be very misleading. A rabbit that gets excited may jump and hit the guinea pig with will injure them badly if not kill them. It doesn't matter was size of rabbit either, it could be a dwarf but the powerful hindlegs is a big problem. Also, the diets are very different. Guinea pigs should not be fed rabbit pellets and the vegetable requirements are different.

05-26-06, 09:16 pm
Hey, Im in South Austin and there is a shelter named Vision Hills go to www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com) type in your area code and youll find it. They have many guinea pigs up for adoption. Make sure to get atleast two (boy and girl can mix if you get them from that shelter becuase they nueter the boys). Good luck.

05-26-06, 09:18 pm
http://search.petfinder.com/shelterSearch/shelterSearch.cgi?animal=&breed=&age=&size=&specialNeeds=&declawedPets=&children=&status=&id=&internal=&contact=&name=&shelterid=TX727&sort=&preview=1 Well there is the link to the vision hills animals. They have more guiena pigs then that but just give them a call.

05-26-06, 09:19 pm
My mistake you cannot put a boy and girl together unless they male or female is spayed. I was looking at some of their boys and NOT ALL OF THE MALES ARE NUETERED. So just check in on that. Good luck.