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06-20-04, 12:37 pm
Cannot find how you upload pics to the gallery, so will show just the finished shot here.


06-20-04, 11:03 pm
I like it a lot.

06-22-04, 04:50 pm
Thanks. I figured out the gallery thing, btw. It just wasn't showing up when I first joined.

06-22-04, 06:35 pm
Very nice set up!

I am not familiar with rabbits so if this is a dumb question, sorry. Doesn't he need straw or some kind of bedding? I did see you had a hidey place with a pillow for Dexter (who is very cute!)

06-22-04, 11:04 pm
No- he's litter-box trained- he doesn't need bedding. He's out in the den when we are in there, anyway.

His hidey-place now is all fixed up- it's a little tent he can go into for real privacy. In winter, I will replace the cotton pillow with a sheep-skin-lined catbed- which keeps him quite cozy.

dream lopz
07-03-04, 04:37 am
If my rabbits lived in the house they would live in a cage like his. Mine live in the garage in a 24/7 run. They have much more space than they would in the house. Dexter's cage would take up 1/2 our house! plus I have 3 bunnies ! lol 1 thing though I can't see his grass hay suply?!? 'No- he's litter-box trained- he doesn't need bedding.' Also even though he is littertrainned I would advise you to scatter hay around a bit to encourage hay consumption and its cosy to lie on :0) see my bunnies at www.miss-eloise.co.uk (http://www.miss-eloise.co.uk/) and click on bunnies

I love the home and Dexter the cage is plenty big enough how much square feet is it? How old is he? He looks like a great bun how long have you had him?

07-03-04, 07:24 am
awesome cage but you should but something down even if hes litter trained just to make him more comfy.Just a suggestions not critizisim

07-03-04, 08:33 pm
If you look through all the pics- you can see his hay rack on one end.

Besides his cozy in his tent, he also now has a hammock in one corner, an extra bed in hte bottom where he likes to nap and also I have added a digging box- where he can shred up an old phone book- and he likes to sleep in there, too. I've gotten him a bigger and better litterbox, too- which he is very happy with.

No one that I know that keep rabbits inside puts hay or shavings down on the floor. They don't need them- the floor is not uncomfortable like if it were plain wire- most people use linoleum or just the coroplast. He has plenty of places to curl up and get cozy- he usually just stretches out on the floor to cool. He is very happy and I am satsfied that he is more than substantially provided for.

The cage dimensions are (in inches) 75x30x30

Dexter is 5 1/2 months old- and I've had him since he was 6wks old :)

07-24-04, 12:49 pm
Great job! I was jost wondering where did you get the cube sets from and did you get a 4 pak or 6 pak?

07-31-04, 06:25 pm
I just line it with newspaper. I am like the rest of ya, while they don;t NEED stuff on the floor, it makes me feel better! LOL And Angel likes to rip/chew the newpaper, too.

Aimee & the zoo

Daisy Duke
05-29-05, 05:58 am
Looks great!

05-29-05, 11:09 am
I give my rabbits a sheep skin wool cat bed and they love them. I put newspaper on the floor and it's a nice area to stay cool. They don't need all of the hay and stuff.