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06-20-04, 09:09 am
My hubby just made my piggies a 2 story cage for them to run around but they just want to sit in the corner!!! when I clean their cage, I put newspaper on the botton then put a thick layer of bedding and top it off with timothy hay.. my question is.. it seems i am cleaning the cage daily and wasting so much bedding.. is there something I can do different or am I doing okay??? I trfy to scoop but it brings the newspapers up .. thought about litter training them but dont know wher to put it?? it seems they go all over the cage and not one particular spot.. how do you know where to put it and what kind od litter do you use???


99p Flake
06-20-04, 12:35 pm
Hrm.. Generally, I put newspaper on the bottom of their cage with wood shavings on top, and every day, I pick out the poops, scoop out the wet patches and replace them with fresh shavings, and generally remove any mess they've made. But I only completly empty and clean the cage every week, because yeah, it does seem a waste to clean the cage out every day, and as well as cleaning the cage, it takes me hours just to clean the mess I end up spilling on the floor :P

I don't know if my method is right, but the only mess & smell coming from my room is the husband o_O

06-20-04, 02:05 pm
which type of bedding do you use?