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05-24-06, 10:56 am
Hi all,

I am compiling a list of all Australian vets who you recommend as knowing about cavies, or who you think are good vets in dealing with cavies. This list is Australian wide so any vet in any state is fine.

If anyone can help thankyou in advance. Please post the clinics name, phone number, location, address and vets name. If you cant find all the information, as much as possible is fine.

Thankyou again.

05-29-06, 02:07 am
I recently got recommended to go to Mortdale Vets, I have yet a need to go in for vet visit yet, so can't give any personal recommendations for them. But maybe those who recommended me there and had some experience can speak up!

05-29-06, 02:17 am
If anyone is in the Cessnock, Hunter Valley area I can give the name of a vet who at least knows that piggers have Baytril as an AB, and can neuter without any probs and dosn't charge an arm and a leg. I don't ahve the anme right here but it's not hard to find LOl. I 'think" it's Dr Martial Thompson from West Cessnock vets and another girl.


05-30-06, 07:43 am
Dromana Vet Clinic are wonderful! On the beautiful Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne, Victoria.

06-11-06, 04:58 am
I'd like to add a vet to this list.

Austinmer Vet Clinic in Moore St Austinmer, NSW, 2515.

They've treated two of my cavies for abcesses and desexed 3 of my boars. I have nothing but praise for them.

07-03-06, 04:15 am
Hey Guys,
Being a vet nurse and being familiar with the veterinary industry you cant go past Dr. Brendan Carmel at the Warrenwood Veterinary Clinic
(between Warrandyte and Ringwood) he is an exotic (meaning mice, rabbits, Gp's, Rats, ferrets, reptiles etc...) vet specialist. A lovely man as well!
Lynz xx