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05-21-06, 09:12 pm
Hi everyone. I am a new Guinea Pig owner, having purchase two males on the weekend. I went looking for a forum to learn more about these gorgeous little things because until last weekend I had never held one.

They were purchased for 2 of my children, but I am finding myself fascinated by them already

05-22-06, 05:51 pm
Welcome to the forum. I really wish you could've rescued your piggies instead of buying them from the petstore. This forum is against breeding and purchasing pets since there are so many animals that are euthanized each day. With that said, I adopted my three original girls for the purpose of having family pets in the household. I understand that these girls are my ultimate responsibility, as well I'm sure you know as well. I've gotten extremely attached to all my girls (I have seven now). Anyways, we'd love to see pictures. Have you built a C&C cage for them? This is a great place to learn from and meet new people. Please don't take this as anything but information. Welcome again and we'd love to hear more about your boys.

05-22-06, 06:15 pm
Welcome! Jenn pretty much covered the basics. Just be sure that you know the pigs are your responsibility, not the kids. Do you have pigtures of the babies? :)