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05-21-06, 07:17 pm
I just recently discovered this site after researching about cavy's. I have two male cavy's and I want to build them a bigger cage. I bought one from the pet store and feel it is too small for them. I have a question about a alternative bottom for the cage because I can't seem to find Coroplast anywhere I was thinking about using Linoleum. Is Linoleum base good? I would really appreciate it if someone can respond to my question:)

05-21-06, 07:46 pm
I believe its okay. You could probably find lots of information if you did a thread search...

05-22-06, 05:54 pm
Welcome to the forum. If you go here, http://www.cavycages.com/types.htm, you should be able to find what you need for alternative flooring. Good luck.

05-22-06, 06:14 pm
Welcome! Many people use linoleum when they can't find coroplast. It works pretty well.