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05-21-06, 07:14 pm
Hey guys I'm Deb. I've been a piggy owner since April 2004 and can't get enough of these cute little guys. We have adopted 5/7 pigs from all over. Well the furthest was thirty minutes from my house.
Here they are in order of us getting them:
Cupcake- She's two years old as of February 24th. She's such a sweetie but doesn't really like any of the other piggies (I think she's jealous because she used to get ALL of the attention)
Charlie- My baby girl (as you can tell by my screen name) will be two on June 19th. Right now she keeps sniffing my stomach and tickling me in the process! She gets along with everyone but Cody (they dispise each other)
Chance- Our first male was adopted from Petco where he was dropped off by his "owners" who said their daughter was allergic to him. He's our only peruvian piggy and gets along well with his brother Simon who's his neighbor.
Simon (his brother Paulie passed away a week after we adopted them :() - He's our little rex piggy who is a very mellow piggy who only squeaks when he knows his veggies are coming. We found out about him and his brother Paulie on petfinder. A few weeks later we went to see them and fell in love. Paulie passed away from fluid in his lungs and Simon missed him so we moved Chance into my room and now they talk to each other.
Cody- Our little girl is about the same age as Charlie and Cupcake. Her "owner" saw my mom getting piggy food at Brians (you can actually trust this place unlike Petco and we got Charlie and Cupcake from there) and asked if she was interested in another guinea pig. He told her how he had ran out of pellets for him (idiot thought Cody was a boy...) and was just feeding him hay. She didn't like the sound of that and decided to take her in, they had named her Stinky but we didn't like that. Since Paulie passed away only a few weeks before we got her my mom thought it was fair for me to name her seeing as I was the one that took Paulie's death the hardest.
Peter- We just adopted him on Friday (May 19th). Three weeks ago him and his brother were dropped off in front of Brians in a box. My mom was yet again in Brians getting food and of course "talking" with the pigs lol. She saw Peter and his brother in a cage by themselves and asked about them. Over the past three weeks my mom would keep checking up on them and it seemed no one wanted them, they wanted the babies. I used to be the same way but you know what? Age doesn't matter!
Patrick- same story as his brother, he is more shy and hides behind his brother if he gets scared. He's a tad skittish still but other then that they are both sweet little boys.

I now have an arm cramp from typing this much. As you can see I can really talk about my pigs all day!

05-21-06, 07:43 pm
They sound cute! Pigtures please! I can talk about my pigs for forever too. I have to remind myself that not everyone wants to hear every little cute thing they did today!lol

05-21-06, 08:03 pm
If there's an official pigture thread let me know and I'll transfer but for now I'll just post them here

Cupcake is on the left and Charlie is on the right, the one time they get along (like I said CC aka Cupcake can get jealous). They're both eating Kale which is Charlie's favorite veggie of all time!

A close up of Cody!

My boy Chance

I need to get a better picture of Simon

My boy Paulie (R.I.P.)

Patrick is in the front and Peter is in the back

05-21-06, 08:40 pm
I like Peter the best, he's so cute, he reminds me of my Lucky...She died a year ago though...

05-22-06, 04:05 am
Aww sorry about Lucky, yea they do look a little alike. I like the stripe she has on her back.

05-22-06, 05:46 am
You mentioned about the boys being next to each other etc. How many cages do you have and could it be the boys need more room so they could share a cage? How do they get along for floortime? Just wondering.

All of them are beautiful pigs.

05-22-06, 12:16 pm
Right now we're a little low on money but once my dad gets his next pay check we're going to get them a rabbit size cage like Chance has, they should like that. They actually get along VERY well on floor time and like to play follow the leader through the tunnels we have out for them.

Thank you for complimenting my babies btw

Percy's Mom
05-22-06, 12:21 pm
If you click on Home at the top of the page, you'll find directions how to easily build a cage that is larger and considerably cheaper than any cage you can buy in the store. Your pigs are absolutely adorable!

05-22-06, 03:12 pm
thanks Percy's mom, I've been longing to make Pete and Pat a nice C & C cage since we got them. I just have to ask for permission from my parents. I wanna make a nice "double decker" as I call it for them,

05-22-06, 03:17 pm
You can build one fabulous cage for under or right at $40 depending on what you pay for the coroplast. With extra grids you can also make it up off the ground and use the space underneath for storage. My question was why are the pigs all separated? I guess early this morning I wasn't clear.
Simon missed him so we moved Chance into my room and now they talk to each other.
Why put another pig all alone in a rabbit cage like Chance is. What not build a proper size cage so the boys can be together? Maybe I am not seeing the picture. It sounds as if you have at least 5 separate cages. With a bit of effort and reading about introductions (home page) you could have just two cages. One for the gals and one for the guys. It would be so much easier to keep up with too. The number one reason a pig of either sex won't get along with another pig is the cage size. They need personal space just like we do. The boars go require a bit more space than the girls. We have a member here RyanR who has multiple boars in one cage. I have 7 girls and 1 neutered boar in one cage. Sure they have their spats but they adore each other.

05-22-06, 05:43 pm
Welcome to the forum. I really hope you can talk your parents into letting you build a C&C cage. They are wonderful and alot of fun to build. I've redone my cage 5 times in less than a year. I had to since I keep adding to my herd. I was up to 8 girls at one time. I still have seven. Good luck.

05-22-06, 06:18 pm
Welcome! Your pigs are so adorable. If you can make a C&C cage, believe me, you and your pigs will be so much happier.

05-23-06, 01:53 pm
Welcome to Cavy Cages Forum! Sounds like you'll get along great here - most of us can just talk and talk about our special little wheekers all day long. In fact I am seriously beginning to doubt my sanity as everything I do is to do with pigges - piggy artwork, creative writing about piggies, piggy care book, piggy websites, piggy forums. Madness.

Are you a UK-er or a USA-er (or an Aussie or otherwise)? We can let you know plenty of places to buy the C&C supplies from in both instances.

See you around!

05-23-06, 06:06 pm
jdomans, the sad thing is, is that NONE of the females get along with each other. Charlie and Cupcake can tolerate each other but Cupcake is very jealous of all the other females. Sadly there isn't enough room to make so many cages in our size house. Chance and Simon's cages are next to each other though and I do let them all have floortime. The reason I want Peter and Patrick to have a cage is because they already like living together and I thought it would be a good idea seeing as they are still growing.

I'm from the US btw, guess I should edit my profile.

05-23-06, 07:42 pm
Sadly there isn't enough room to make so many cages in our size house.
This is what I am trying to figure out. Sorry for being so slow here. already I think you have many cages and what I was asking and making a comment on was that you quite possibly could have just two cages. One for each sex, instead of a bunch of tiny cages. So Cupcake doesn't even get along at floor time? This is what I am trying to help you with/figure out. Why does she not get along and why are you putting boys side by side instead of in 1 cage? Store bought cages are too small for even 1 pig let alone 2 or more. You say you are going to get another rabbit hutch for one of the boys. Why? Why put all that money into yet another too small cage? The price of that rabbit hutch could make two large C&C cages I bet. At least it could make one huge cage for either sex. I would much rather clean out 2 cages than 4 or 5 cages. Just my thoughts on what I am still not sure the situation is at your place. This forum is about providing the largest housing possible for the guninea pigs. I am not understanding your pig issues at all. Even if a few won't get along, they still could be in a 2 x 3 cage sharing a wall with another cage that is housing multiple pigs.

NONE of the females get along with each other
I counted 3 girls in your first post, so that is 3 individual cages and that is not the boys. So you must already have 'so many cages'. It is the end of the quarter for me and I always get the 'brain dead' virus. Please help me see and understand what you are saying. I am trying to help you go from 'so many cages' to possibly 2 cages giving the right size etc. No, 3 pigs of any sex will not get along in a store bought cage or rabbit hutch.

05-23-06, 08:01 pm
Look here to see what I am talking about. http://www.cavycages.com/photos/showgallery.php/cat/514
If this doesn't work then go to the top and click on photo gallery. Then go down the list until you see 'divided cages'. Pigs will not mate through the grids like dogs.

05-23-06, 08:14 pm
jdomans, I was trying to figure it out too but I'm too tired to do it at the moment. I understand that they don't get along but what if they're in bigger cages. I have seven girls and they get along just fine. There is the ocassional bumping and teeth chattering when someone's in heat but they get along. It was rough during the first introductions but they've been together now for five months. I think the divided cages sound good. I'm now on a new mission (when finances get better) that I'd like to adopt two boys (neutered to prevent accidents) and put them next to the girls somehow. I hope Charlie's momma can dwindle it down. That just seems to be so much more work. Good luck.

05-23-06, 08:18 pm
Yes see you and I and RyanR are perfect examples of ample space for multiple pigs. That is what I am trying to get across. space more times than not is the cause for fighting. Good night JennG I am going to bed in a moment also.

05-23-06, 08:20 pm
Goodnight, yes, was thinking more space less fighting but my brain hurts. :)

I just wanted to add that with more space if someone gets miffed with another piggie that piggie can leave and go somewhere else. Many times I've seen someone get booted out of the hidey houses because they were being disturbed or the dominant piggie wanted the space and so the other leaves for another place to hide. I do have a few dominant, #itchy, dramatic girls. :melodrama

05-24-06, 04:15 am
The divided cages are very cool looking, I would defintly want to do that but now I have to find a big space for all of them, or maybe just make a BIG one for the boys (have to move some stuff around and out) in my room and then make a BIG one for the females in my sisters room. I can already tell Chance will try to be dominat over all of the other males but maybe Simon, Peter, and Patrick can be together seeing as they're all mellow little guys.

Yes all the females don't get along, I can't explain any further because I don't think there's anything else to explain sorry for you confusing you.

05-24-06, 06:46 am
First let me see, you have 4 boys and 3 girls, right? If so, the minimum for 4 boys is a 2x6 or a 3x4 which may be plenty of room and then you can have a 2x5 (minimum required for three). Or if your girls are that non-compliant, can you make a divide cage of 2 3x4s together. So I guess it would be a 6x4. Or you can make a two story cage with a 3x4 on the bottom for the boys and a 3x4 for the girls. I know there are always the exception but I think alot of girls are more willing to get along than boys (at least from what I read).

More room, less fighting and I didn't get all my girls at once. I started with three added two more and then added three more (one has since passed). Good luck.