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05-21-06, 12:06 pm
This might been an interesting thread. I am going to start with my cages and end with what my pigs are in now.

Super Pet large. It is now used for the litter box or heaven forbid evacuation.


Super Pet XL. I really thought I had arrived when I got this for Polly. Here it is ready for Doolittle as a quarantine cage.
After a week I built him a C&C cage. I couldn't stand it.

This is my first C&C cage. It housed Polly and Jenny:

05-21-06, 12:09 pm
From the first C&C we moved the girls into the living room and gave them an addition.

We then gave them 4 sisters for Christmas.

Then came the second story:
And we added my daughter's pig Sable to the herd.
We moved the cage into the dining room and the dining room furniture into the living room:

05-21-06, 12:11 pm
Then we got Doolittle and set him right up to the left of the girls:

Now everyone is together and I moved the cage once more:
Doolittle's cage is now a part of the main cage and on the far right.

05-21-06, 12:15 pm
Thats pretty awsome! You have a nice cage now.

05-21-06, 01:12 pm
Wow, it's great to see the difference cavy cages has made! I have to get some pictures off of my other computer and I'll post my transitions.

05-21-06, 01:39 pm
Yeah I think most members are like that. "Lage pet shop cage" then "Xtra large pet shop cage". 2X3 CC cage 2X4 CC cage 2x4 CC cage with all loads of extra bits and pieces levels and stuff. That was mine, I do like your cage now.

05-21-06, 05:34 pm
Abys and others, do post your cage transitions here. It will be fun to see.

05-22-06, 01:35 pm
Alright. These are the best pictures I have on this computer, so bear with me.

The original cages. About 1.5 by 2 grids. I still can't believe two fit in there. There were 5 in there at one time. Well three of them were babies, another about 3 weeks.
Girls cage:
Boys cage

2x3 on each side:

added 2x3 split lower loft.
And finally.........
2x3 with 1x3x1 U-shaped loft on girls side.
3x3 with 1x3 L-shaped loft on boys side.

Tada! They have sooooo much more room now, it's unbelievable!

05-22-06, 03:21 pm
Holy cow!! To think you had a family in a store cage for a while. Love the changes. Are you satisfied right now or do you have more plans? I have no choice but to be satisfied due to lack of space. One day it will change yet again!

05-22-06, 03:33 pm
Are you satisfied right now or do you have more plans?

Well I want to add more, but I think I'd be kicked out of the house if I did. lol

05-22-06, 07:34 pm
This is really cool. I want to add mine but I have to get the first two uploaded. This is really cool to see the different stages.

05-22-06, 07:52 pm
Ok I found my pics of my cages. I was lucky to have found this site before I wasted my money on a store bought cage. I guess that's a good thing when you're as anal as I am.

Cage #1 for my original trio (Mama, Snickers & Angel):
http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls%20Story/cage1.jpg (http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls%20Story/?)

And then there was another expansion (cage #2) and still 3 girls:
http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls%20Story/cage2.jpg (http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls%20Story/?)
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a clear pic of it. My youngest decided to moisten the lens. I didn't realize it until I developed the pictures.

Cage #3 with the addition of 2 more girls (Callie & Coco):
http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls%20Story/3rdcagerevision.jpg (http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls%20Story/?) Basically, I just added a 2x4 on top of the revised cage #2.

And then I got real wild, since I was adding 2, maybe 3 more girls, I wanted to go big. Plus the three level cage was really hard to clean in a few areas.

05-22-06, 07:58 pm
Here's probably my favorite cage (the L shaped cage). We added Lola, Mia and Bailey.
http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls%20Story/newpicoflastcagerevision2.jpg (http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls%20Story/?) The only problem was that it was taking too much room in my son's bedroom. He lives in the basement on the finished part of it.

Here's the last revised cage (#5 and we're down to seven since Lola passed shortly after building this one :weepy: ):
http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls%20Story/morepiggiepics006.jpg (http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a95/JennG2005/My%20Girls%20Story/?) This is an odd shaped cage. It's a 3x3 connected to a 2x5. There's a 2x4 (the kitchen) on the 3x3. It's fine for now. I don't plan on making any changes again until we move. I think I'd like to adopt two boys. My plan is the have a cage for the girls with pink coroplast and a cage for the boys with blue coroplast. I'm silly I know but I love my piggies.

05-22-06, 09:01 pm
Here is my cage I started out with. It housed Oreo for four and a half years. It is about 2 ft by 3 ft and used for a quarentine cage in this picture.


From this cage Oreo moved into a CC cage that was a 2 x 3. .



From here I went from a solo pig to adopting two more pigs and housing them seperate from Oreo. Here is the cage that housed three pigs. . .


From here we adopted two more females and housed them with the other two, still leaving Oreo a single man. Here is the cage that had four in one cage, one in the other cage . . .


And here is the final cage housing seven pigs in two cages . . .


05-23-06, 06:31 am
Seven pigs soon to be eight? Right WEAVER? :)

It's amazing to see how much of a positive effect this forum has had on our piggies. Kudos for T for getting the information out and for all of us who took it.

05-23-06, 08:37 am
Yup, this is a fun thread for me, too! I love seeing evolutions.

05-23-06, 10:58 am
Weaver, I am looking at 2 two-story cages side by side right? Your and JennG's are great.

05-23-06, 11:50 am
Using that as a litter box is cool. And shows how small they are!

I saw one that they saved money by using the same grids for two different cages. How do you safely build them higher?

05-23-06, 12:06 pm
WEAVER, is that Oreo in both pigtures?? From golden to grey?

05-23-06, 12:44 pm
Looking at this I have just realised we are all freaks over guinea pigs. I mean I get the strangest looks when people see the size of my cage for one small animals who sits in the courner all day eating. I say I may be a freak but I enjoy being one. I also think we all make so many adjustments on because it is SO FUN! Come on knowone can't tell me it is'nt.

05-23-06, 12:55 pm
In my opinion, the more freaks the better!

05-23-06, 03:16 pm
I will add mine tomorrow. It's late here and I need my sleep! Not before getting an earful from the pigs for forgetting their evening salad (I fed them a small salad early and forgot to do the rest of the salad this evening) though.

05-23-06, 04:14 pm
Well I guess I'm a freak and proud of it. I love my girls and drive my co-workers and family crazy with stories about them. They freaked when they saw my first cage for the three girls but were impressed with what I built. I guess I'm in good company.

05-23-06, 09:24 pm
Tipiman--Oreo passed away a little over 2 months ago and than I adopted two more boys (Dudley and Mr. Peabody). I than changed his 2 x 3 to a two story cage.

Judy--yes, the cages is two seperate cages attached. The fleece colors show where one cage ends the other begins.

Jenn---If I get number eight, than I have to make even a bigger cage!! I have been seriously considering it and even filled out the application today, but I am still not positive this is the right time. I just hate the knowing in my heart that I "could" take her and give her a home. It makes me feel guilty. Hubby is not wanting to expand the cage this soon though (you have to remember we have made all those cages since January of this year). Hubby wants a break :) I would also have to move the bedroom furniture around again and I am not sure how I would manage that. I would love to go three grids high and rearrange everyone, but I think it would be hard to keep clean. UMMMM?????

05-24-06, 05:43 pm
What a neat thread! It's good to know that I'm not the only one constantly fussing over her cages. I don't have cavies, so I hope you don't mind bunny pics!

Mocha, my first bun, in the cage that my hubby (not me! I hated it!) bought for her. It's 30x18 inches, I'm not sure of the height. She stayed in it until she was spayed and bonded with Loki. I'm keeping it as a hospital cage, and I've already needed it once.

Loki's dog crate. He was alone for a month or so while he was still bonding with Mocha, then they lived together. It's the same size as a 2x3 grid cage.

Mocha and Loki's bunnyroom pen, which was completed a month or two ago. I was able to do this because I bought a house with the bunnies in mind. It's five long and nearly four wide.

05-24-06, 05:51 pm
Fey and Sprite's first cage came with them from their last owner. It was disgustingly dirty, plus it had a wire floor, and the pan was rusted through so I tossed it and used a shower curtain and newspaper, but I had to clean it up and use it to quarantine them as I hadn't been prepared for more rabbits. They stayed in it for about three weeks while I made sure they didn't have communicable illnesses and I made their new cage. You don't want to know what this piece of junk looked like before I fixed it and put in mats and toys.

Much happier in their 2x4 cube cage:

And totally spoiled in their 5x4 pen:

How's that for going from rags to riches?

05-24-06, 06:01 pm
What happy looking and spoiled bunnies! Great job.

05-24-06, 06:05 pm
I just love the pictures. Your buns are great and I know they are happy. You don't have problems with pee on the ahrd wood floor? I assume they are good litter trained buns? Good for you!

05-24-06, 06:06 pm
This is a neat thread! And someday I will have a room just for my pigs, I just have to wait until we own our own home. I can't wait (just another four or five years...)

My cage hasen't changed much (I did just build it a month ago). But I'll show you all the small adjustment I did make.

This is the bottom level stage one:

And top level stage one:

They didn't use the top level ever. And the fleece was getting really messy pretty quick. So, I made the top level a kitchen area. I took the fleece out and put in aspen shavings and Ultra Carefresh. It's working out great. And now the boys run up and down the ramp all the time. Casper especially likes to sleep in the kitchen's hidey house.

And stage two: