View Full Version : English Angora Rabbits for Adoption in NY

05-19-06, 06:22 pm

Last week I rescued 16 (yes I said 16!) English Angora rabbits from a nightmare situation. They are all completely matted and in bad shape. I am working on the grooming and getting them all spayed/neutered. All of them are actually purebred and come with pedigrees.

I can't believe how sweet and mellow they all are! Especially since they have never been touched by a human before. I am placing them all up for adoption once they are groomed and fixed. If anyone is interested please email me. I live in Western NY, near Buffalo. All the buns will go to indoor homes only. There is an adoption application and I will be doing home checks.


05-19-06, 08:47 pm
Shoot, wish I was closer. Now that my Patches is neutered I've had my eye out for a friend for him. I have a real soft spot for Angoras as they were my first breed/type of rabbit I ever had (way back when I was 16) so I know the high amount of care they need.

I could probably go into the SPCA in the neighboring town (my local SPCA still hasn't reopened) and adopt a rabbit but I've been waiting to see if I get wind of a rabbit in need of rescue. Normally by now I'd have had several go through my hands but my normal network is gone and it's harder to find the critters in need. I guess the fact that most of the rabbits owned by neglectful owners died months ago has also reduced the number of animals in need - I don't think that's really such a good thing though.

I figure if the perfect companion doesn't hop into our lives earlier that I'd wait until after hurricane season to go to the SPCA or the House Rabbit Rescue. I'm scared of having to evacuate all these animals of mine again.

I'm a house rabbit person and know I'd fit your adoption standards but house checks would be a bit difficult for you.

Good luck to you and the rabbits and thanks for saving them.

05-20-06, 12:50 pm
I too am looking for a second rabbit. I too love love haired rabbits. My guy, Jamie Fuzzy Wuzzy, is long haired. Wish I could help. I live so far away. I went on Petfinder and there are 2 rabbit rescues 3 hours from me. Not counting Bestfriends animal shelter that has over 1000. My guy is getting neutered next week, so I can actively look for a second one.
Kudo to your for taking in all of those rabbits. Good luck in finding homes for all of them.