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05-19-06, 12:28 pm
I have two rabbits named Thumper and Jiggz and they are brothers. They are in the same cage that has a seperation in the center. (They both have a good emount of room to run in). The reason they have a seperation is because they aren't nutered yet. Jiggz is really jumpy and Thumper is really calm but now thumper is starting to get more antsy like Jiggz. Is it because Thumper sees Jiggz doing this or is it because of some sort of instinct? I am really hoping I can get feed back on what I should do about Thumper and Jiggz. Another question is how long should I keep my rabbits apart from eachother after I get them nutered. I don't want anything bad to come out of it. So if you have some feedback that would be great.

05-19-06, 12:32 pm
Are they both males? Because the way you explained it is they both get neutered.

If they are both males: they will be fine together.
But before you un-seperate the cage, re-introduce them on a blanket, just incase.

If you have one male and one female: Keep the cage seperated, or get one neutered, and the female spayed. Then, re-introduce them on a blanket, just incase.

05-19-06, 12:47 pm
Get them both neutered. If they are both boys, you can introduce them after. Or wait a few weeks. There are more tips at www.rabbit.org (http://www.rabbit.org)

05-19-06, 06:28 pm
The first thing to do is get both of them neutered. Then wait about 3-4 weeks. It takes that long for their hormones to calm down. Next you can begin the slow bonding process which is described in detail on www.rabbit.org (http://www.rabbit.org). I highly recommend that you go to Barnes & Nobles and purchase the "House Rabbit Handbook" for $10.

Please keep in mind that they may never bond. If this is the case, you will have to buy 2 cage setups and allow different exercise times out of the cages. It is very difficult to bond 2 males. The best combo for bonding is a spayed female and a neutered male.

Good luck!

05-20-06, 06:21 am
How old are they? Maybe Jiggz hit puberty before Thumper? Or has something changed? Maybe you're not spending as much time with them, or they're not getting as much exercise. Or is their cage becoming more cramped as they grow? Any number of things can irritate a rabbit.

After they're neutered, wait at least a month. While you're waiting, read this site on bonding and follow it's instructions when you are ready. Keep in mind that boy rabbits are hard to bond and they may need to be separated permanently. Also, rabbits can severly injure each other so be careful!


06-02-06, 09:22 pm
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