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06-16-04, 09:59 am
I used to use just carefresh in the little pet store cage that I had for my 2 cavies. Sad, yes I know...but I just made a 2x5 C&C cage and it's awesome!! Anywho, to use JUST carefresh now would get to be way too expensive (dont say anything along the lines that "if youre worried about price, and you cant provide the best for you cavies, then you should rethink having tehm"...well guess what? I HAVE THEM. theres nothing i can do) ...sorry about that lol... umm anywho, I'm now using a base of Aspen with a layer of Carefresh on top.. is that okay? I just put it down last night. on the bag of aspen it says "no aromatic oils" ... I assume that's good..if they're not lying. are they lying? thank you!

06-16-04, 10:13 am
thats excellent! Iv heard of loads of people do that and its perfectly safe.

06-18-04, 12:17 am
...to use JUST carefresh now would get to be way too expensive
Isn't that the shocking truth!!!! It works so well (better than everything else I've tried). But it would cost me $15 per week just in bedding! I love my pigs but hey, they're only pigs and can't live better than I do.

So now I have more cage cleaning work to do using aspen or pine bedding but at least I'm not breaking the bank. Better to spend money on food and veggies for them than the bedding.

07-18-04, 12:52 pm
That would work just fine. There are other paper beddings like CareFresh, but cheaper. There is one called CritterCare at WalMart and one called CellSorb available at different stores. There are even more, like Kaytee's and Yesterday's news, but I think those are in about the same price range as CareFresh. If you could find one of those, maybe you could use that. I know CellSorb is $20 for a 40 pound bag!!! That should last you a few months at least. I don't know much about CritterCare as we don't have WalMarts very close by, but I have heard it is good. Hope this helps! =)