View Full Version : Issues with KMs Bluegrass Hay

05-17-06, 06:49 pm
Has anyone else recently ordered bluegrass from KMs? I have ordered it before and it was always great, but this recent batch I received about a week ago seems to have lots of hard stick-like things in it, some of which have little stickers on them. I have to pick them out when I give the pigs their hay, and there seems to be at least one stick in each handful, which is turning out to be quite a bit. I'm not sure whether or not they're harmful to the pigs, but I'm trying to be on the safe side and assuming they are harmful.

I had heard that she had this problem with her Timothy hay, but hadn't heard that the problem was with the bluegrass as well. I have emailed her, but thought I'd check to see if anyone else had noticed this as well.

05-17-06, 08:19 pm
Yes, my bluegrass, alfalfa mix was like that as well. I only ordered 9lbs though so I was not worried about it. Well, I just placed another order and I should be receiving it tommorrow. This one is 45 lbs of bluegrass, I am now worried.

She is really great about backing up her product, but I agree totally with you, the last batch is awful and full of hard sticks. They are everywhere and I also have been weeding though the hay sorting it out and not feeding those to my baby.

You should pull all of them out of the hay before feeding. Without a doubt a pig could lose a eye with those.

05-17-06, 08:52 pm
She has been having a bit of a problem with tumbleweeds in the hay.

Let her know and she will most likely send you out a new batch.

05-17-06, 09:50 pm
I had ordered a 35# box of timothy/bluegrass mix about a month ago. I have yet to expierence any issues with it. I have found a few sticks but nothing that had made me concerned. Maybe I was lucky with the batch that I got.