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05-17-06, 04:16 am
I have often visited the site and just joined today.

I love how you guys all care for your guineas, and i'm trying to encourage the same type of attitude towards our little friends here in NZ.

I'l probably not post much, just read and learn more from you guys.
There is always something new to learn about Guineas :)

Thanks for the great website!

05-17-06, 05:50 am
Welcome to the site! I'm sure you will learn plenty! :)

05-17-06, 06:39 am
Welcome but can you tell me how many piggies you have. We love to see pigtures of our members piggies. I personally have seven girls. I'm sure you will learn so much here.

05-21-06, 06:25 am
Hi ya, thanks :)
I have lots of piggies as i do a lot of rescue and rehoming.
My own piggie pets come to 14 pigs all different shapes and sizes, but i have a few more that are waiting to be rehomed.
I will post pics of them, but i'm not sure if i can in the introductions thread :)

05-21-06, 07:13 am
Welcome to the forum.

You can post pictures of your pets here. The only place we don't allow pet pictures is in the Gallery. The Gallery is reserved for cage photos only.

05-21-06, 07:43 pm
Hi there, thanks for that,
here are a couple pigtures,,

This is Scampi and her babies resting on the grass after eating all morning


Here is Pinky, a rescue I decided was to quirky to rehome...


And my lovely old girl Pixie..


Hope they are not to big, I love looking at everyone elses pigies, especially when they are curled up in snuggle sacks or little beds, so cute :)

05-21-06, 08:35 pm
Oh! They're gorgeous! Wonderful pictures.

05-21-06, 09:04 pm
Oh thank you! I'm a very proud mum to all my pigs.
I often spend hours watching and taking pictures of them :)

05-24-06, 10:43 am
Hi and Welcome to Cavy Cages. You have some gorgeous pigs.

I do need to ask you to stop using smilies so often and not to use them as punctuation at the ends of some of your sentences. If you take the time to read the rules, you will find out that we only like to see smilies in about 1 of every 10 posts you make as they are a privilege and not a right here on the forum. The rules can be found here- http://www.cavycages.com/forum/announcement.php?f=27&a=7

05-24-06, 04:55 pm
Your piggies are adorable! And look at those little baby faces.

05-25-06, 05:59 am
Hi thanks, sorry about the smilies, I didnt think one a post would be to much but no problems!

Yes cute baby faces alright!
They are big balls of fluff now, hopefully off to new homes in a few weeks time.

05-25-06, 03:10 pm
Your piggies are so beautiful. I love the baby that is gold calico. So so cute. Welcome to the forum.

My Baby Mu
05-26-06, 01:21 pm
Welcome to the forum. Your piggies are very cute.

05-26-06, 02:52 pm
They are beautiful creatures.