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05-16-06, 11:28 am
I've been a member for a while, but I'm only now really joining...
You can call me aikyo. I'm *** and crawling through high school. I've always had a love for animals and my house has always been full of them.
I got my first two pigs last fall from a friend who didn't want them any more. I'd never even considered getting a pig before that and I didn't really know much about pigs, but, as I learned later, neither had the previous owners.
But my two piggy boys seemed ok and happy.
Pippin and Dero, two brothers.
The two on the day I brought them home.
I've been learning a lot about pigs and I can't wait to make my first C&C cage.
Sadly, my beloved Pippin passed away on Mothers day... I'm down to one pig, but I'm more determined than ever to make sure his life is wonderful. He's somewhere around 5 years old now, and he's sweet, though he's got a bit of a temper.

05-16-06, 11:52 am
very handsome cavy's :)
even though it may be hard or you might feel guilty about replacing pippin remember you can never replace your love for'm but you can love another as well, dero is now a lonely piggy you should consider adopting a friend for him so he has a new piggy to chat with and play with. It's very important for there own health that they get a partner in crime. it's the best thing you could do for him, although i'd find out what exactly caused pip's passing.. and perhaps have dero checked just incase

05-16-06, 11:54 am
Welcome back to the forum. Sorry to hear about Pippin passing away. :hug: You and Dero will love a C&C cage! They're wonderful. Good luck on your quest for piggie information. If you have any questions this is a great place to ask.

05-16-06, 08:07 pm
Welcome to the forum. I'm so sorry to hear about your Pippin. He was a sweet looking pig as well as Dero. I hope you consider getting a friend for him. I think he'd like the company. Good luck.

My Baby Mu
05-16-06, 08:27 pm
Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about Pippin.

05-18-06, 09:39 pm
Thankyou everybody ^.^
I am looking into a new piggy for Dero, but I'm confused about some other things (I'll look into it a bit more then ask in a different thread I suppose).
I declined having Pippin checked for his cause of death. He was sick.
I did have Dero checked though and he's a perfectly healthy according to the vet.

05-18-06, 11:13 pm
Welcome to C&C Your boys are very cute!! :)