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05-16-06, 09:47 am
Hello all, I am Linda and I live in E. Texas by Lake of the Pines. I am a teacher of handicapped children and love what I do. I raise chihuahuas and have 2 boxer puppies. I have 3 chickens and several parrots. I have a mini horse, and 2 donkeys. I had g. pigs as a teenager and have not had any since. I am ready to have a few now..

05-16-06, 12:01 pm
Hi Linda, welcome! I've only been a member for a week but found this place a few months ago and its given me lots of valuable info and ideas. Are you going to rescue some piggies or buy from a store/breeder?

05-16-06, 12:04 pm
I would prefer to rescue some. If I have to buy it will be from a breeder.
Thanks for the welcome.. Linda

Percy's Mom
05-16-06, 12:11 pm
Please please please do NOT buy them from a breeder. They are one of the main causes of animal overpopulation. It is extremely common for most breeders to house their cavies in very small cages and breed the sows over and over until they get sick or worse die. I'm sure you'll notice pretty quickly that this forum is very anti-breeder and/or petstore purchase and VERY pro-rescue/adopt. If there is not a rescue or shelter in your area that has guinea pigs that need adopting, there are several websites that list adoptables, and you can also check your local newspaper.

05-16-06, 08:05 pm
Welcome to the forum! I believe there are plenty of guinea pigs available in Texas. I'm just not sure if any are close to you. Good luck on finding a pair for you.

My Baby Mu
05-16-06, 08:30 pm
Welcome to the forum. Try to adopt guinea pigs from a shelter. Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue is overflowing with guinea pigs right now (Dallas), Houston also has a guinea pig rescue. Other places in E. Texas should also have some (possibly Tyler).

05-17-06, 07:56 am
Welcome to the forum, first off. Second, I live in a remote part of central Texas. The nearest rescue to me is more than four hours one way. But I put the word out to my local shelters and exotics vets and soon had five little guys from people who no longer wished to care for their furry friends. The point is, there is always a way to get Guinea Pigs without buying if you don't mind a little leg work. If there is a pet shop anywhere near you, there are probably people who have tired of their piggers and want to find someone to take them off of their hands. Like I said, I have five, all of them rehomes. Take out an add in your local paper, call a few exotics vets, put the word out at local shelters. And have a little patience, soon you will have more piggies than you ever thought possible.

05-17-06, 09:25 am
Thanks to everyone for the welcomes!!

I did not realize that a breeder was "bad". With dogs we always encourage people to go to a breeder versus a pet shop. I "assumed" it was the same with gp.. sorry for the mistake.

I will be looking for rescues.


Percy's Mom
05-17-06, 09:41 am
We prefer to guide people in the direction of shelters and rescues for any animal actually. Thanks for taking the suggestion and looking into rescues to adopt your pigs. I believe Texas Rustlers is in your area and they are overrun with piggies.

05-18-06, 01:04 pm
Hi Linda, welcome to the forum. It's funny, I share the same passion for chihuahuas, boxers, horses, donkeys and of course guinea pigs as well! Hopefully, there will be a rescued guinea pig just waiting for you to take him home!

05-19-06, 07:10 am
You know people always say we have a "twin" somewhere in the world!!
LOL we are surely twins in our "passions". Ireland...oh that would be a dream to see someday. We have Irish anscestors wayyyyy back.. My whole family was redheaded lol.. so everyone says we have the Irish Temper. I always say I doubt the Irish have anymore of a temper than anyone else...
Yes I feel like there is a gp out there somewhere waiting for me..
Thanks for the welcome.. Linda

05-19-06, 11:22 pm
Yes I feel like there is a gp out there somewhere waiting for me..

There are 5 at my house that would love to meet you. :) I spoke with my husband, and he's willing to arrange a transport, if you're still wanting to adopt from us. Just drop me a line and let me know!