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05-14-06, 05:12 pm
:) Hi everyone, this is my first time on these boards, so thought I'd introduce myself and say "hello."

My daughter and I have two guineas, Candy and Nina, which we bought about three years ago. They live in the house with us, in our front room, but I think their cage is a bit small and I've been looking around for alternatives which is how I came across your site and forum.

Anyone on from UK who has managed to build their own? :) :love:

05-14-06, 05:41 pm
Welcome to the forum. Good luck on building your new cage. I'm certain one of our UK members will come along to help you.

I do know that you can get the storage cubes from the Argos catalog.

05-14-06, 05:50 pm
Thanks voodoojoint :love: :)

05-14-06, 09:15 pm
Welcome to the forum. I hope you can build a C&C cage for your girls. It's really alot of fun and they benefit from it so much! I read that you bought your girls. I just hope you realize that if you want to get anymore that you'll adopt. I think many people buy before they realize what a mistake that it. Again welcome.

My Baby Mu
05-14-06, 09:28 pm
Welcome to the forum. You will learn a lot.

05-16-06, 12:09 pm
HI! You can indeed buy the cubes from the Argos store. I had trouble finding them in the catalogue so browsed online and they were in the storage utilities section. 24 grids with 26 connectors is 19.99GBP I bought two sets and had half a pack left over after building my 2x4 cage with storage underneath.

Problem for me was finding coroplast, so I used lino instead. I cut it with precision, it fits perfectly and is very strong. I have a pic up from when I had just finished it and will be updating my profile with many more when I get my camera (phone cam is poor quality at times)

Happy building :)

05-16-06, 12:17 pm
:crazy: doh! ..Forgot to also mention that CostCo sell them too, though I'm not sure of the price or pack size and you need membership to get in there (maybe you know someone who has membership!?)

And the lino cost me 15.00GBP as a cut off from the local market, its a very hard wearing one so should last a while and I had lots spare for a possible expansion or second floor!