View Full Version : Tag, your it!

05-14-06, 10:07 am
Being new to piggies, i just had to ask. Do your piggies play tag all day? I swear my cage is starting to look like an indycar race track. It's so funny. :)

05-14-06, 10:52 am
Yep, my boys love to zoom around their cage. But they get really crazy during floor time. They run so fast and then they run each other over. It makes me giggle.

05-14-06, 11:36 am
I have seven girls and Coco is the only one who zips through the cage. She cracks me up. She'll run back and forth, up and down the stairs and popcorn all over the place. She does this when I'm cleaning out the cage. I think she knows that when the loud blue thing comes into the cage, she gets more treats. I usually fill up everything: pellets, hay, waterbottles...

05-14-06, 05:19 pm
My two Nibbler and Squeak zoom all day long in their cage (except when its nap time ). When i put them out for floor time ( free range of my living room ) They play tag alot and they get running so fast, its the funniest thing ever.