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05-14-06, 03:03 am
Just wanted to say hi and introduce SCRUFFLES.

She is only 8 weeks old.

Just got a question though.

Shes eating fine hay, carrot, pellets ect but she dosnt seem to be drink any water from her bottle.

She seems happy enough we have only had her 2 days.

Any ideas?

Dave and Rebecca

05-14-06, 03:18 am
I have never seen my piggy drink any water either and was going to ask the same question!

Percy's Mom
05-14-06, 08:41 am
She is a very sweet little one. It's possible that she doesn't know how to use the water bottle. Since she seems so comfortable with you, you might want to guide her over to it and lightly tap your fingertip on the end of the tube, then press her little mouth to it, so she can tell it's her water. She also needs lots of other veggies in addition to her veggies. Lettuces (other than iceberg), cilantro, and bell peppers are all good everyday veggies, and you can makes sure they are good and wet when you serve them, so she will get water even if she doesn't seem to catch on immediately to the water bottle.

I'm assuming that Scruffles is your only piggy right now. Please look into adopting her a same sex buddy, or a neutered boar to be friends with. Guinea pigs are herd animals, and the difference in their personalities when they have another piggy to be friends with is amazing.

05-14-06, 09:28 am
Wow, very very cute. Honestly, Scruffles looks so much like my Darla! Only difference is that Darla has a bit of brown on her nose. =)

Unfortunately i couldn't make any comments on the water problem. But Percy's Mom seems to have a great idea!

I also agree that a buddy is a great thing to get. I don't know what my girls woud be like without eachother. It's always good to have a friend. =)

05-14-06, 11:57 am
She's a sweetie. I'm sure if she had an older piggie, she could learn some of those things like drinking from a bottle and such. I hope you look into adopting. Welcome!

05-14-06, 12:57 pm

Thanks for the replys.

She is used a water bottle at the pet shop were we got her from so she does know what they are for. Tried holding her and offering her the bottle and tried putting some water on my finger but no joy.

we have just put another bottle in her cage to c if she uses that 1.

Unfortunatly we dont have room for another piggy other wise we would deff get her a m8.


Percy's Mom
05-14-06, 01:05 pm
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05-14-06, 03:11 pm
She looks so tiny, and young! All of the piggies I see in the pet stores are quite huge compared to that little girl! Shes gorgeous.
Maybe you could look into adopting an older piggie at your local shelter?
Like someone else had said, maybe the older piggie can show little Scruffles around the ropes . She's absolutely gorgeous!

My Baby Mu
05-14-06, 09:31 pm
Welcome to the forum.

05-15-06, 11:38 am

thankyou for the comments she is beutifull. Unfortunatly we havent got room for another piggie. I think she is just taking some time to settle in. we have only had her since friday. she is only 8 weeks old,

Going to give her a few more days, keep stroking her and letting her get to know us. But also give her time to herself.

Just bought the a log cabin so she has somewere to go into.


05-15-06, 06:55 pm
How large is her cage? Could you build a new one?

05-15-06, 07:35 pm
Hello, I have not introduced myself yet.
I think the problem might be the flavor of the water.
I just got my two pigs last thursday and they did drink the water. I did not put in vitamin C in the water like they said. On sunday I bought chewable vitamin C and crushed it in the water. They drank a lot more by today than the first three days combined! Even if the vitamin degrades in water and is useless I think they like the taste because that is what they are used to.

05-16-06, 12:21 am

we dont really have room for a bigger cage at the moment.

I might try putting some vitimin C drops in the water to see if it makes difference.

She has got two water bottles so i might just add it to one, to see if she drinks from that bottle.


05-16-06, 06:02 am
Quick Questions.

when i give her a stroke she sort of purrs.

I take it that this is a good sign.

Iv not had piggies for 5 years forgetting what i new.


Percy's Mom
05-16-06, 07:14 am
Please do not put the vitamin drops in their water. It does them absolutely no good, and the difference in the taste of the water is more likely to make her NOT drink the water than encourage her. It sounds more like she is just nervous about her new surroundings. If you think the problem might be that the water tastes funny to her, buy bottled drinking water and fill her water bottle with that instead.

05-16-06, 10:28 am

Never thought of trying bottled water, will give that a try.

How do you make sure that she gets enough vitamin c without supplementation.

She does love hay, can she have too much?

Just want to make sure she gets best we can give her.


Percy's Mom
05-16-06, 10:36 am
There is no such thing as too much grass hay. They should have that in unlimited quantities. Usually, with a good quality plain guinea pig pellet and a varied diet of veggies, your piggy will get all the vitamin C that she needs. You can get a plain vitamin C tablet from a health food store and break that up to give your pig if you feel that she needs extra C. Just make sure that it is just vitamin C and relatively sugar free. They need about 20-30mg/1kg piggy weight. Also check out http://www.guinealynx.com/diet.html for more information including lists of veggies and fruits and nutrition requirements.

05-19-06, 11:08 pm
Hi all,

Thanks for the replies.

Took Scruffles the vets today. I didnt feel stupid in the waiting room. Im 6 foot 1, 280 pound body builder, and everyone else had big dogs. And i had little scruffles in a box.

shes managed to poke her self in the eye with some hay, but the vet says she perfectly healthy and theres nothing in her eye so it should get better on its own.

shes alot more confident now and seem to have settled in.

Thanks to everyone for there advice and there nice comments, even the vet say she was a little cutie.


05-19-06, 11:45 pm
Your observations about your size compared to your little piggie is like deja vu. I was also at the vet today. In the waiting room was a teenage girl and her little piggie; a rather striking young man (probably of similar proportions to yourself) with his beautiful long-haired piggie; and my rather "grandmotherly" type person with my very loved piggie. We all had identical expressions -- Total Piggy Love. haha! You could tell we would do anything and everything needed for our furry little family members.
Welcome to the forum! You will be amazed at the quality information continually supplied here. I've learned so much that is making my cavy's life better.
You'll probably find bottled water is much more to your little Scruffles liking. It eliminates any smells or flavors that appear in tap water, as well as all the chemicals and minerals, too.
Again, Welcome!!

SW <3 Guineas
05-20-06, 01:20 am
I use to have a pig which drank very little also, I later realised she mostly got her water intake from vegetables so I made sure she always had more 'watery' vegetables. High water content vegetables are celery (a very good calcium and vitamin c source), letture (not iceburg), fresh grass and cucumber.

06-05-06, 05:13 am
Hi all

Scruffles is coming on well.

Shes alot more confident and after we identified that the bottle we got with the cage had aspout that was to large shes drinking fine now.

We made the mistake of feeding her while she was sat on us so she started nibbling our hands.

so we stopped feeding her while we hold her

shes found her voice and squeeks and chirps like mad. She also runs round her cage like a nutter.