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05-13-06, 02:06 pm
Midge died on the first of March 2006. I haven't posted her death here before now as it has taken some time to compose myself. My son prompted me to add this tonight.
Midge came to us with her sister Mary from a friend's daughter. We had hoped to get three - as in the 1970s children's programme 'Mary, Mungo and Midge.' Someone else took 'Mungo' (our name).
Midge was quieter than Mary - the follower - although she was the bigger of the two. Mary is still the feisty one, Midge understood. They seldom quarrelled, but played well together - having lots of fun. Her favorite place was in the garden pen, where she would race around like the true cracker pig she was, after her sister. What fun!!!
Whilst Mary is prone to nibble, Midge never once bared a tooth. She had a truly beautiful nature. She was kind and compassionate, gentle and trusting.
Her one drawback was her uncanny knack of avoiding being caught! She was infuriatingly good at dashing just beyond reach - or slipping swiftly past frustrated fingers!!
We took her to the vet when we realised we hadn't seen her out and about one day. Mary came too - for moral support. Midge had crystals around her eyes, and was quiet and withdrawn. The vet could feel a lump - a tumour. We booked her in for surgery - unfortunately it was in three days time. We brought her home, and fed her, cuddled her and loved her.
Each morning, I was afraid she would be gone - but she was always there. I came home in my lunch break from work to feed her, and she began to fade.
On the morning of her operation I was astounded to find her - a little limp heap, outside her hidey hole. Lifting her up, I realised she was still alive. How could she still hold on?
What a brave little piggy.
Tears streaming down my face, I held her. My son kissed her goodbye as he went off to school. I gently placed her in the carry box, filled with soft hay and a warm bean bunny wrapped in a towel.
In the time it took between my son leaving for school, and going to brush my teeth, she passed quietly away. She was just 16 months old. It took me a long time to confirm to myself she had gone. Through my sobs and streaming tears, I kept thinking I could see her breathe. I don't remember a time in my life previously when I have felt such powerful grief.
I believe she waited, an undeniably selfless and brave little soul, until my son - her favourite - had gone to school, I believe she had impeccable timing.
I believe she is now looking down on us from piggie heaven - where the grass is always grren, and the sky is forever blue.
She deserves to be in a very special place, for it is a very special place that she holds in our hearts.
Our beautiful, brave little Midge.

Percy's Mom
05-13-06, 02:26 pm
Oh jarbax! I am so sorry for your loss. It is so obvious that Midge was loved dearly and will always be missed. Her little piggy smile is indeed looking down at you from the fields on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. You have my sympathies and will remain in my thoughts.

05-13-06, 02:28 pm
sorry for your loss . My deepest sympathies are with you .

05-13-06, 02:32 pm
What a touching story and wonderful way to pay tribute to her. Sounds like she was a real sweetie. I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to her so soon.

05-13-06, 05:05 pm
I am so very sorry for your loss. What a beautiful posting to her tribute.
Midge was very much loved.

05-14-06, 02:07 pm
Thankyou folks, she was such a sweetie. :weepy:

05-14-06, 02:11 pm
So sorry for your loss. Hugs to you and your son and to Mary

05-15-06, 01:29 am
*hug* Run free, Midge.