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05-13-06, 11:15 am
Either I miscounted my pigs or I decided when I saw his face I couldn't resist!


He (second from left) came in to my local rescue (Thistle Cavies) a few weeks ago and was released from his quarantine yesterday so home he came!

A boy with three girls, eek! Well... no I haven't turned into a wayward backyard breeder (wipes brow). He was neutered and living with a female who attacked him constantly. He is a big lad at just over 13 inches long but weighs nowhere near what he should yet. When he was surrendered to the rescue he was matted and turned the bath water yellow he was so disgusting. He also has a problem with his penis (welcome back to owning boars, Lorna!) which we are continuing treatment for. He is around 2-3 years old. He is mostly black and white with a hint of ginger, he is a coronet.


Introductions initially didn't go swimmingly - couch, floor and then a few hours later into the scrubbed cage. All was fine and then the chattering and hissing (had never heard this before, very scary) began. Lucy lunged at him and Bonnie sat in her litter tray and screamed. Really screamed. Bramble couldn't have cared less, as usual. After a night apart, today things have settled down and despite occasional rattles, all is now peaceful. Even so, he is definitely the man of the house now!

So I'm really at my limit now, honestly. Oh, and the name is as of yet undecided. I'm going between Bert and Bart.... just not too sure what he suits yet!

05-13-06, 11:20 am
What a handsome fellow! I'm surprised the gals were so uptight with him... maybe they'd never seen such a cute guy before. Bonnie was just saying, "Oooooo, girls, look at HIM!" Ha!

I say he looks like a Bert, but if he's got a feisty side, then he should be Bart (as in Simpson).

05-13-06, 11:25 am
So I'm really at my limit now, honestly.

Yeah, uh huh.

05-13-06, 11:25 am
I know... last night all I had running through my head was Bartholomew J. Simpson, hehe.

05-13-06, 11:26 am
So I'm really at my limit now, honestly.

Yeah, uh huh.

Funny that... exactly what my boyfriend said. What on earth are you talking about? :silly:

05-13-06, 11:56 am
Oh Lorna he is a beauty. You had better watch out for Miss Tuppence as she will hunt him down.

05-13-06, 03:28 pm
He's a real handsome guys. He has such innocent eyes, the brown above them make him look like he has eyebrows. Too cute. Lucky guy gets a harem. Someday when I have room I'm going to adopt a nuetered male and give him a harem. He'll live out his fantasies.

05-13-06, 10:12 pm
Congrats on giving him such a wonderful home with a beautiful group of women. He's such a sweetie. I like Bartholomew Simpson myself (Bart-Bart or Barty for short). I'm sure the girls will learn to love him in time.

My Baby Mu
05-13-06, 11:55 pm
He is such a little cutie! I say Bart as his name. Like Bart Simpson because is he going at girls, Bert reminds me of the kids show Bert and Ernie.